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ACTION! Tree sit in downtown Eugene - right now to protest cutting old growth

A Tree sit was set up this morning. Any information on this tree sit? Post pictures if you have them.
tree sit deployed in downtown eugene, demands the forest service buy back
trapper; cease old growth logging on public lands

update from Eugene - Cascadia Rising Tide 04.Sep.2010 15:21


Activist occupies tree on the corner of Oak St and Park St within the
Eugene Saturday Market

Eugene, OR- Early this morning activists with Cascadia Rising Tide
deployed a tree sit within the Saturday Market in downtown Eugene. A
platform was rigged around a tree approximately 40 feet from the ground,
and a banner was hung reading "Forest Service: Give Back Trapper. Protect
Our Water."

The platform is occupied by Grace Warner, who plans to remain through
Saturday to inform Eugene of the horrendous logging practices advocated by
the Forest Service, as well as threats to the drinking water supply that
the Trapper timber sale poses.

According to Vivian Rivers of Cascadia Rising Tide, "It appalls me that the
Forest Service is still logging old growth and native forests. This
should have been stopped years ago. The time is now for the community to
rise up and put an end to this atrocity once and for all." Trapper is a
controversial timber sale that has been in the works for over a decade.
This 149 acre patch of

native forest (eg. never been cut) is an increasingly rare and threatened
ecosystem. It has recently gained additional attention because of a
nesting pair of spotted owls found just outside the area designated for
logging. Seneca Jones Timber Company, the purchaser of the sale, is
awaiting a decision regarding these owls by the Department of Fish and
Wildlife which will most likely allow logging to continue as planned. The
sale is close to home in more ways then one: not only is the area
surrounding Trapper close to Eugene and close to popular recreation sites,
but the streams and creeks within Trapper drain directly into the McKenzie
River watershed and ultimately our faucets.

The timing of this action is advantageous; nearly 15 years ago to the day
activists established a blockade at Warner Creek, also in the Willamette
National Forest. The blockade evolved into the Cascadia Free State
lasting over a year, and the site was eventually saved. As one Rising
Tider put it, "Our message is clear: drop Trapper, stop all logging on
native forest, leave our watershed alone. Otherwise, expect resistance."

Photos & Update 05.Sep.2010 12:55

Cascadia Forest Defenders savetrapper10@gmail.com

The sit was deconstructed at around 6:30 PM following the conclusion of the Saturday Market. The sitter decided to come down after over 12 hours in the tree, following a successful day of public outreach. Police presence was essentially nonexistent, and interactions were friendly with Market supervisors and vendors. Many vendors and other passers-by expressed disgust at the prospect of logging in Trapper and some even reminisced of tree-sits in Eugene in years gone by.

The tree sit coincided with a march through downtown Eugene to Congressmen Peter DeFazio's campaign headquarters, where the group Cascadia Forest Defenders demanded accountability for his involvement in legislation which has extended the contract Seneca Jones holds to log Trapper. Marchers were thrilled to come across the tree sit in the Market, and much of the group rallied at the base of the tree following their march, to support the sit and talk to the public about Trapper.

Happy Sitter!
Happy Sitter!
Tree in the middle of market!
Tree in the middle of market!
Signs left at tree after the rally
Signs left at tree after the rally

Government Contact Info and Related Pictures 05.Sep.2010 16:04

Reposting from: Cascadia Forest Defenders!