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Cascadians Tell DaFazio "No more Logging Mature Forests!"

We are calling for a march and rally this Saturday to call out Peter DeFazio for expanding the legnth of the Trapper Timber sale by another 5 years, and reducing the price that the timber industry had to pay from $1.48 million to $550,000. The march will start at Kesey square and work it's way through the Saturday Market, converging on Peter DeFazio's office to demand he be accountable for his part in logging our mature old growth forests!
The Trapper Timber sale is in the Willamette national forest outside of Eugene OR. Trapper is mature old growth forest that has never been logged before. It is habitat for a number of critical and endangered species including a breeding pair of spotted owls recently sighted near the sale as well as many active red tree vole nests high up in the old growth canopy. This sale is within the McKenzie River Watershed. As a result, logging this area will send enormous amounts of silt into Eugene's drinking water. Any one of these critiques alone is enough to make any sane person demand that Trapper be dropped now! Come out! Demand that DeFazio be accountable to the people of Cascadia for healthy ecosystems, clean drinking water and intact biodiversity! Call DeFazio's Eugene office and demand that he hold true to his standards of environmental integrity and pressure the Forest Service into dropping Trapper!

Call them!

Peter DeFazio Eugene office (541) 465-6732
also at 1-800-944-9603
also at  https://forms.house.gov/defazio/IMA/contact.html
Meg Mitchell, Willamette Natl. Forest Supervisor, at 541 225 6300.
Rick Ray Seneca Sawmill at 541 689 1011

homepage: homepage: http://forestdefensenow.blogspot.com/,