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Historic PDX Bus Rally Popular!

Dozens turn out for a historic rally and demonstration at City Hall, to protest tri-met service cuts and rate increase.
This is Martha Perez, reporting to you from downtown Portland, where concerned individuals, users of tri-met, youth, transportation advocates, elected officials, as well as over a dozen affiliated organizations representing a variety of issues including transportation, have converged to express outrage and disappointment over the recent decision of tri-met to cut services and raise fees.

Personal testimonials ranged from young people concerned about lack of mobility amidst looming reductions-in-service, to struggling parents using the bus system in an attempt to get their children off to school on-time, and then to serious health & safety issues that have arisen among elderly passengers, who must rely on the gutted transportation system. At the rally, chants ranged from "What do we want? Buses! When do we want it? NOW!" to "Ain't no power like the power of the people, 'cause the power of the people don't stop - SAY WHAT?" and so forth. A few elected officials were also present at the event, as well as a commanding display of well-respected & prominent civic organizers and advocates. To date, tri-met has chosen to restore service to the bus-line # 15 to NW Portland/Thurman street, but no other responses(s) have been made to the issues discussed at the rally.

Reporting to you from SW Portland, I'm Martha Perez, General Political Activist

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Video: report of bus rally 03.Sep.2010 17:06

Joe Anybody

Thanks for the report Martha

Here is the Indymedia (video) link from when I interviewd Martha about this bus rally