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Public Protest, Oregon Attorney General John Kroger violating state law police brutality

Oregon Attorney General John Kroger said he supports our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement in 2008 when he started his campaign, Our organization, Oregon State
Police-Independent Citizens Review Board sent thousands of emails every week to help get Kroger elected. Attorney General Kroger sent us a letter of thanks as he
said with our help he received over one million votes and he will be working with me
in the coming days ahead, which is now over 500 days and our program is attached to Senate Bill 111 Police Use Of Deadly Physical Force mandated to be in full
force July 1, 2008.
Thu Sep 2, 2010

Great Day!

Stop The Press!

PLEASE vote for Jerry Wilson (Independent) for Governor of Oregon as he supports our
Program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement to stop police brutality. Google the program name
to be up to date about this dire subject. Now Google how much police brutality has worsened in
the last seven year research at: Rise In Police Brutality USA TODAY Dec. 18, 2007.
Google: Jerry Atlansky Senate Judicial, which shows our program is attached to Oregon Senate
Bill 111 Police Use Of Deadly Physical Force.

*New subject related to saving lives and litigations extremely high costs at the very end of this data
added on Sun Aug 29, 2010.

If we have any Oregonians that feel if a law enforcement officer feels threatened by a person
without any weapon, and the person has not physically attacked/harmed anyone and you believe
that officer is justified to kill that person, save yourself from reading the following, and please
reveal that belief to the judge before they choose you on a jury with that same situation of a trial.

The Sunday Oregonian Newspaper Aug. 8, 2010 main headline with two pictures read: Chasse chase,
knockdown "inconsistent" with training—Subtitle: Despite the findings in a newly released Portland police review, the officers involved in pursuing the mentally ill man who died in custody wasn't disciplined for the breaches.
Had the officers followed the clear and specific guidelines of above said program of which Gov. Kulongoski failed to grant our request to make public our program that Superintendent Ron C. Ruecker of Oregon State Police was forced to resign for his false statements, (that our guidelines were in place at Ruecker's bureau) in March of 2006 six months before Chasse was killed in Sept. 2006.
Would James Chasse Jr. be alive today had Gov. Kulongoski followed our request for emergency
public notice to all law enforcement bureaus to stop the police brutality?

We have notified on Friday July 23, 2010 Marion County Sheriff- Jason Myers, Salem Police Bureau-
Lt. Kaegle and Salem Mall Command-Trooper Gordon of a new permanent plan to continue until, the top Oregon State Law Enforcement Official, Attorney General, John Kroger mandates our program be started as required by Senate Law 111 Police Use Of Deadly Physical Force at state, local law enforcement bureaus and The Oregon Department Public Safety Standards and Training.
The plan is we will protest in a absolutely peaceful manner on the sidewalk in front of the office of the attorney general every week day with signs that read: ATTORNEY GENERAL KROGER IN VIOLATION OF NOT ENFORCEING OREGON LAW POLICE BRUTALITY.

The following letter to us from Attorney General Kroger is dated Nov. 11 2008, after he won the
general election that proves we helped him receive over one million votes and he said he will work
with me "In The Days Ahead" on our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement which is one
of five of his top agendas in his campaign, protecting civil rights.
The assistance we provided was sending thousands of emails every week for almost a year that we
endorsed Kroger for Oregon Attorney General. Now the only question for Kroger is do you deny
this is your letter below? We have the original paper copy of the letter available upon request and
the federal Civil Rights Division of The U. S. Dept. Of Justice has a copy for their on going
criminal investigation on this matter. Kroger's pledge to work with me on our program is now
599 days since is commitment to us and still waiting for his first action to start our program, does he have any integrity?


November 11, 2008

Jerry Atlansky
1901 NE 64thAve.
Portland. OR972l3

Dear Jerry,

Just a quick note to thank you for your support in the Attorney General's race
we had a very solid victory,winning more than one million votes and every county in the
state. I am particularly proud to have won both the Democratic and Republican party nominations. Though I am a committed Democrat, I believe we need more bipartisanship
in our state and in our nation, particularly as we face tough times.

As Attorney General, I intend to pursue the agenda I articulated during the election:
tackling Oregon's methamphetamine crisis with tough enforcement and new
plan for drug treatment; improving environmental protection; standing for consumers;
protecting civil rights; and making sure that every parent gets the child support which
they are legally entitled to. These ambitious are goals. I will needy our continued
help in order to succeed.

I am deeply honored to have your support look and forward to working with you
in the days ahead.

Again, thanks so much for all your help.

Signed by A.G. Kroger

John Kroger for Attomey General PMB 2106327-CSW Capitol Highway,
Portland OR 97239
- -
Paid for and authorized by John Kroger for Attorney General


Willamette Week Published Sept. 1, 2010: Even as Oregon State and federal investigators probe
"potential contract irregularities" between Oregon Department of Energy and a company run by
Cylvia Hayes, Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber's girlfriend a Blue Oregon
blogger noted that Attorney General John Kroger recently spent time canvassing for
Kitzhaber. Asked whether that is appropriate given the pending investigation AG spokesman
Tony Green wrote, "the Department of Justice and The U. S. Attorney's office are conducting an
investigation into potential contracting irregularities at the Dept. of Energy. We have no further
comment. A picture of Attorney General Kroger showed a pin on his jacket that reads KITZ.

WE THE PEOPLE, now ask how many conflicts of interest, laws that are broken by Attorney
General John Kroger to shame him by the hundreds of citizens that contact his office every week
demanding his resignation, as he protects the worst cops that "kill at will" while he is traveling
statewide working to get reelected in 2012 with a salary over $100,000 of taxpayers money each
year? The federal probe being investigated against Kroger may be the only action that frees
Oregonians of the very likely worst attorney general this state has ever had.

The Oregonian Newspaper June 2, 2010 reported on the front page, "Attorney General John
Kroger has lost his third top executive in two months."

Keep in mind the following criminal allegations against Kroger contain the source of facts he has not
and can not dispute and understand the three top executives are aware of the federal criminal
investigation against Kroger has expanded to the very highest state official, Governor Ted Kulongoski of which they don't accept the lawless actions of both top state officials.

Sunday June 27, 2010 extremely important update: In todays, The Sunday Oregonian front page headline: Kroger's brisk pace realigns Justice. When you combine the entire article it fits a full page
of various action taken by Kroger's Department of Justice as state attorney general. Of one of the five most controversial constant topics was not once addressed by Kroger, which is Police Brutality as he knows he is the weakest link to ensure that Oregon State Senate Bill 111 mandate to be in force as his
position clearly requires and he pledged to accomplish prior to starting his position as Oregon's top law enforcement official. At our request hundreds of citizens every week are attempting to request Kroger to resign his post but when they call, "no one is home at his office up till last Friday" as all callers receive from the main telephone number is leave a message. Update re: calls to the DOJ as of Friday, July 16th a live person will take your request to call for Kroger's resignation. Where was the required access for the public to air their strong grievances? Where was accountability even at the highest state law office?

Our organization, Oregon State Police-Independent Citizens Review Board helped John Kroger get elected attorney general as he said he supports our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement. We received two letters from Kroger thanking us for his win in the primary and general elections with over one million votes, as we endorsed his race with mass e-mailing. Kroger let us meet with one of his staff in one meeting and that was the only support he gave our board. We have requested for him to discuss, publicly debate this issue at Lewis & Clark Law College were he was a professor but he refuses to speak with us on this matter. We requested Kroger to resign as he is now in violation of Oregon Senate Bill 111 with our program attached to stop police brutality. Would Aaron Campbell be alive today had Kroger kept his word? Campbell was not physically attacking anyone when he was shot dead in the back while unarmed and following police commands, as our program mandates lesser force must be used in this type of incident. Contact Kroger's office and demand he resign. Many thanks.....Jerry Atlansky


Subject: Top Oregon Government Officials failure to comply to the "full implementation" of Oregon Senate Bill 111 Deadly Physical Force by Law Enforcement Officers, started a federal criminal investigation for their non-actions of not protecting the public from police brutality.

Recently we sent two letters to Gov. Kulongoski requesting that he replace John Minnis, Director of Oregon Dept. of Public Safety, Standards & Training, as he was forced to resign his position due to two charges against him, with an executive that will start our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.

This program was created by our organization and The Oregon State Senate attached to the Senate Bill 111, our testimony, three amendments, our program with a strong case of how dire the state of systemic challenges of "non-law enforcement" is for officers committing police brutality with 34 affidavits listed as J, K, L.

Gov. Kulongoski had his staff send us a form letter that he may respond in the future on our request. For the public that are not aware of our program Google: Truly Reforming Law Enforcement. The Oregonian Newspaper has our program details on the Google site.

The last seven year national report on "police brutality" shows how much worse the public is getting maimed for life and unjustified homicides, and with the nations largest police union with 300,000 members have requested new policies as we have provided. Google for full details: Rise In Police Brutality USA TODAY Dec. 18, 2007.

Our documentation is attached to the Oregon State Bill 111 that was passed in 2007 and mandated to be in full force by July 1, 2008. Google: Multnomah County Senate Bill 111, (senate hearing data shown after this letter) 2007 and please read page 8, Article 5, Section 1 & 2 of the Multnomah County Planning Committee required input for officers education and training whereas our program is the only specific plan to address said preventive plan to stop police brutality. The next section starts the plan for the aftermath. Our program is the only specific plan for all 36 Oregon Counties that stops police brutality.

WE THE PEOPLE, of The Great State of Oregon do hereby denounce "brutality and welcome civility" from all our law enforcement bureaus, and ask you to contact the governor to mandate his actions to honor his oath of office and all the laws of our land by starting the peoples program.

Thanks so much for your concern, time and action and here is the governor's Citizens Representatives Liz Kiren 503-373-1027 to show support of the program Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.

All concerned Oregonians that want to go one step further on this critical matter, we welcome with open arms to join like minded people to be a volunteer to protest on the sidewalk in front of the Department Of Justice in Salem on weekdays by first contacting us by email with indications of how have you lived a peaceful life and your important reply regarding our program? This is a chance to be an integral part of making history.

Future success,

Jerry Atlansky-Chairperson
Oregon State Police-Independent Citizens Review Board
1901 NE 64 Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97213
 jmatlansky@gmail.com 24/365
503.490.4433 9 to 5 P.M. Mon-Fri

Per Wikipedia Jun 24, 2010
Police brutality

In a 1999 report, Amnesty International said it had "documented patterns of ill-treatment across the U.S., including police beatings, unjustified shootings and the use of dangerous restraint techniques."[102] According to a 1998 Human Rights Watch report, incidents of police use of excessive force had occurred in cities throughout the U.S., and this behavior goes largely unchecked.[103] An article in USA Today reports that in 2006, 96% of cases referred to the U.S. Justice Department for prosecution by investigative agencies were declined. In 2005, 98% were declined.[104] In 2001, the New York Times reported that the U.S. government is unable or unwilling to collect statistics showing the precise number of people killed by the police or the prevalence of the use of excessive force.[105] Since 1999, at least 148 people have died in the United States and Canada after being shocked with Tasers by police officers, according to a 2005 ACLU report.[106] In one case, a handcuffed suspect was tasered nine times by a police officer before dying, and six of those tasers occurred within less than three minutes. The officer was fired and faced the possibility of criminal charges.[107]

*Posted to this past data on Sun Aug 29, 2010 A company named Advanced Weapons Technology Inc. has a website: www.lawenforcementmall.com with a product called Super Talon that launches a unbreakable nylon net that spreads out sixteen feet, at a rate of 15 feet per second. Super Talon will save major injury and lives against the public by police and lower liability while it provides protection from suspects that might have physical advantage against the law enforcement officers.