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with regard to the recently set up small encampment of unhoused people in portland
in direct response to unmet need some folks within the unhoused community have set up a small permanent encampment called "CAMP PIONEER" these are people who for numerous reasons have been turned away from more traditional shelters or aid- they seek safety in community camping and shelter from the elements for themselves and their belongings -the current system in place is failing-these folks have set up camp in a spot that is out of the way and is peaceful-they cleared the blackberries they cleaned the space they set up a good environment that promotes the next step to self sufficiency -the rainy season approaches and the city is currently embroiled in endless debate over the anti camping ban law and it isn't clear at this time what form that law will even take so in the interum this is a positive solution-these folks are in the process of setting up a community garden and arranging safety as we speak- there are some pretty big needs out there to make this a success- and if any one is willing to donate some items they would be greatly appreciated- shovels -dry socks-tarps -tents -a camp stove blankets and food are greatly appreciated at this time- please call miroku@camp pioneer 503-200-8213