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obama talks but no walk

The Prez is out to lunch
look close and see
look close and see
The Presidents speech was another slap in the face of the anti-war/peace activists; he now should be impeached.

In the first ten minutes he congratulated the war criminal Bush, he talked about peace in the middle East without having the key players at the table; it was and is a joke without humor.

It would seem the big difference between Obama and Bush is the ability to put a sentence together; they are brothers in blood.

Within the first 15 minutes he did connect the dots involving the war and our economic mess, most citizens will not even know what he is talking about; not much for us progressives.

Obama continues to call for cooperation, working together etc etc---the conservatives, GOP are screwing him every day and he wants to continue to be nice, nice.

He used his record on veterans affairs to build some kind of cooperation, there are veterans on the streets of Portland sitting on the curb because they can no longer sit next to a building. Reports that I have read say about 25% of people on the streets are veterans and that will increase.

He talked about the American soldiers who have given their lives for this immoral occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan; what about the people of Iraq and Afghanistan Mr. President? We have/are murdering, torturing and made millions homeless in and outside their own land . Iraq is our shame, not our victory!

If we were a land of laws, President Obama would be impeached, President Bush would be arrested with his dick. Judge Jay Bybee, John Yoo, and many more of the architects of the wars/occupations would be serving life sentences; but alas we are not a land of laws, we are a place of the buck. All our institutions are in peril and I fear we have gone off the cliff and it is now just a matter of how damaged we will be when we hit bottom---very hard!

This speech to the nation was a terrible presentation of who we are trying to be, I am so disappointed and angry by President Obama.

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this change, from the campaign was to be expected. 02.Sep.2010 15:20

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

You will never get anyone into national office, that is not in the pockets of the multi-national corporations. It will never happen. Each person placed there, is hand-picked for their benefit. As soon as you realize this, the big picture becomes clear. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, are all corporate shills.

Simply put, your expectations were too high. If he really was going to make things better for the general public, he wouldn't have been on the ballot to begin with.

warned people and yet the ObamaZombies kept pushing 03.Sep.2010 14:13

Ecotopian Yeti

I really way back in those olden days of the election. Obamites would come up to me on the street asking me if I would vote for this used car dealer. I would point out articles (reports) from DemocracyNow and other sources. I would point out Mr Obama believed in Clean Coal, nuclear energy, the use of mercenaries and that he was no different that any other Corporatist. After his election I would write to radio hosts like Thom Hartmann and Mike Malloy and be shot down on their radio programs for not giving this Corporatist a chance. I was told over and over "Mr Obama is playing chess while the Republicans are playing checkers." Absolutely bullshit! "He is a smart man and smarter than all of us." Look he is a wannabe celebrity who lucked out that his book paid his student loans. "The left keeps shutting him down. Look at what he has to work with." The guy surrounded himself with more Corporatist and alienated the true left. When he seeks to compromise its only with the fascist right while twisting the arms of the "moderate left." I usually just vomited in my mouth at those responses. So Obomites where is that restoration of the constitution? Where is the open society that does not spy on us? Where is the getting out of Iraq for real? Oh and what happen to the illegal prisons?

When you voted for Obama it was like giving Bush/Cheney a "get out of jail" card. And now the so called "left" of the American political spectrum is split by this man. The so called "uniter."

About being screwed by the conservatives 03.Sep.2010 15:06


Re: "the conservatives, GOP are screwing him every day and he wants to continue to be nice, nice."

Congratulations on regaining your sanity. However, Obama, like Clinton before him, is not a victim of any "far-right conspiracy", but is rather a member of it.