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Seattle Cops Kill; Fuck the Police, and Fuck Calming Down!

Original article posted here:

At 4:15 PM today, a Seattle cop shot to death a man whose identity has not yet been released.

According to mainstream media [  http://www.seattlepi.com/local/425915_shooting31.html ], the cop claims he confronted a man who was sitting and whittling with a knife on the corner of Howell and Boren. The cop claims the man stood up and refused to drop the knife; the cop then fired three to five shots, killing the man. The only witness quoted other than the killer cop says the victim had no knife.

Cops are liars and do plant evidence謡e see no reason to believe the cops' claim that the victim was holding a knife. But we would be missing the point to focus so narrowly. After all, we know all know well that cops are experts at using violence to escalate simple situations様ike whittling or jaywalking. Cops believe, often correctly, that they will ultimately get away with any attack容ven murder. And so they pepper spray, taser, beat, stomp, and shoot, wielding violence to maintain the systematic order of misery in which we find ourselves葉o keep us under control. But as their attacks become more apparent to more people, even mainstream news internet comments (typically rather conservative) have begun to question their authority to do so. Here is a selection of comments from the PI coverage [  http://www.seattlepi.com/local/425915_shooting31.html ]:

* -i have to wonder why the cop even approached the guy in the first place. is "whittling" now illegal in this cesspool city? or was the pig just looking for a confrontation? and apparently, you can be arrested for putting your hands in your pockets? geez, the pigs in this burg are out of control!

* -Death for whittling. Looks like Rabid Cop disease is moving southward. First Everett, now Seattle. Tacoma's probably next.

* -STUPID COP! He wasn't bothering anyone. I think you just wanted to kill someone today. How did it feel? Are you proud of yourself? I think you are a Disgusting person!!

* -I would like to echo others by saying that the police officer escalated the situation and then EXECUTED the man in cold blood.

Many people recognize and cheer the legitimacy of attacks against the police. If you were quick enough to catch it, for example, remember the Stranger blog moderator's frantic race to erase all the comments cheering when the cop Timothy Brenton was killed [  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Timothy_Brenton ]. Likewise, if the man shot dead today in Seattle was approaching the cop with the intention of attacking with a knife, he must be recognized for his bravery庸or trying to accomplish a deed of which so many only dream.

We do not mean to imply that the struggle for freedom needs more martyrs. Going toe-to-toe with a cop on the street rarely ends well. All attacks on the police deserve support. That said, what we want most is to fight strategically by cultivating our will to be free and then connecting with others committed to the same struggle: to create a world where cops are not welcome and where individual or systematic assaults on our friends and communities are met with full, sustainable expressions of our rage.

We won't allow ourselves to be pacified. We aren't only kept in line by badges, bullets, and batons, but also by that aspect of the police apparatus that we mockingly refer to as the good citizen(1). Here we would like to point out the role of the activist group the Urban League of Seattle in convincing Angel Rosenthal葉he seventeen year-old punched by the cop Ian Walsh葉o apologize to her attacker. This was done to "calm down to a growing volatile situation," according to Urban League president James Kelly.

We will not calm down as a war is waged against us. We do not seek to make peace with the police. We bring fuel to the fires.

(1) For more on the good citizen, see page 22 of The People vs the United States: An Explanation of the Invisible War that Surrounds Us
[  http://arcticcirclecollective.info/file_download/24/peoplevsstates_read.pdf ]

Where to fight the cops. 01.Sep.2010 07:26

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Where to fight the cops.

We can all agree that organized law enforcement is the front line of fascism in America. However, physically fighting them and winning the street battles and therefore putting the fear of the plebs into the elite's is only best done in context to fighting for the democratic distribution of the nations wealth. In other words in context to fighting for the living wage or more directly in context to organized labor.

There is no better time to pick actual physical fights with the elite's goons, the cops than right now, when the scum at the top are driving us all down to minimum wage, maintaining 25 percent unemployment and attacking social environmental budgets. The ideological goal of the investor class is to have us beg for low paying jobs without benefits. You know, the old "If you want to eat sit close to the master's table." routine.

Young people especially should form unions and begin to organized militant street demos demanding jobs and a living wage. It doesn't matter if the government officially recognizes your union or not just as long as you make your presence felt. We must reach out to the 25 percent that are unemployed young or old and have them join us in the streets. Eventually law enforcement will attempt to penetrate and destroy your unions. These police actions must be documented and disseminated online but more importantly in print. The unemployed can't afford the internet.

Right now the pain is deepening in America as the elite's strip away our human dignity. Always remember we are fighting for the dignity nature gave us and this is why all labor pushes eventually win a bigger slice of the pie and that is the true meaning of democracy, the democratic distribution of wealth

People are not that different when their hungry.

Pigs suck 01.Sep.2010 09:02


Pigs are all alike...to hell with them.