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Video: Bark Field Trip Regarding Proposed Cascade Crossing Energy Corridor

In response to recent PGE proposals to build an energy corridor across the Cascade mountains from eastern Oregon, Bark led a field trip to the existing Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)transmission lines from Bonneville dam to view what footprint these corridors may leave on the environment.

Cascade Energy Corridor
This existing corridor, at least 500 feet in width, passes near the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)on Lolo Pass Road, near the Bull Run Watershed, Portland's drinking water source.

The hike, led by Bark volunteer Zac Mallon, hiked along the PCT to areas where the existing BPA energy corridor could be viewed, snaking its way over the mountains from the Columbia Gorge heading south. By using the existing corridor as an example, Zac discusses the possible environmental effects of the proposed corridor as well as how the public may get involved in the decision making process.

Zac emphasizes that these are Public Lands. "It's really important to remember that these are our public lands. They don't belong to a logging company, or the Forest Service, or the Bureau of Land Management, or Bonneville, or Portland General Electric."
"How they are used is for us all, and so if we think, as the public, that we don't need additional capacity or additional transmission lines running through our National Forest, it is our obligation to say so."

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