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Camp Pioneer, Tent City, needs HELP!!!!!

assist a land reclamation taking place right now in portland on N Wheeler just north of Broadway Blvd.
Camp Pioneer is a tent city land reclamation of land that fits into the category of "gray area". Today they were served a 24 hour vacate notice and need assistance from people to help keep this camp alive. Go there tonight, right now and ask how you can help. Camp Pioneer is a safer space.

passing - word - monday evening 31.Aug.2010 00:56

Ben Waiting (repost)

Support Camp Pioneer!!! People are taking a stand at Dixon and Wheeler and need your support. The police are planning to sweep the camp @ 3:30pm on August 31st... tomorrow. Be there tomorrow to support the campers for the Right 2 Sleep!!! Located at N Weeler and DIxon

My Revised Twitter Update from camp 31.Aug.2010 18:55

Joe Anybody

4:45 PM

I stopped by the homeless camp . . 4 people here . .. Camp is not being removed :-)

Due to legal reasons camp is not being removed. The camp is small . . One tent . . Other camperss left earlier 2day

A civil rights lawyer (A.L. Skipper Osborne) is here (visiting)
He filled me in on last nights drama
(one camper caused trouble last night, with others at the camp)

Popo just now drove by . . Stopped briefly . . Civil Rights Lawyer talked with them . . . All smiles . . Popo waved and drove off

Apparently there is a pending lawsuit over police removing a previous camp recently (elsewhere in Portland) which, has now put this camp removal "on hold"

Camp Pioneer in Portland Oregon 2010
Camp Pioneer in Portland Oregon 2010

space blankets for keeping warmer 03.Sep.2010 00:17


i wasn't sure if anyone needed this info, but in case they need space blankets and related heat- conserving stuff to stay warmer at night, here is a link. Do they need these? or does anyone hand them out to the homeless in Portland? they're super cheap, especially by the caseload. i thought i might buy a dozen in case i encounter some homeless people who need them. plus use one or 2 to conserve on the heat bill myself...
They reflect/ radiate your own body heat back at you and keep you warmer, but use em with a real blanket or sleeping bag, etc to stay comfy and not sweat to death. they are thin, as they are a metallized plastic sheet.
In case someone wants to buy the street people some, lots of choices here:

 link to www.amazon.com

Stopped by on Saturday 9.4.10 afternoon 05.Sep.2010 16:13

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

When I stopped by Camp Dignity I ...posted these 2 comment to my Twitter page:

(1) Just stopped by Camp Dignity homeless camp to see how its going . . Report is all is going smooth :-)

(2) About a dozen tents . . Place looks clean . . 3 friendly campers talked with me


The folks who talked with me mentioned that the police were being cool, and that Cheers! (Detox) came by last night to help remove a drunk man who had stumbled in to the camp being a jerk to everyone.

They also mentioned that "Skipper had just stopped by, and I missed him by a few minutes"


FB repost 06.Sep.2010 19:52

Ben Waiting

A repost I seen on Face Book on Monday, I am reposting here:


Camp Pioneer, officially re-dubbed camp Phoenix Rising by the campers!

They have done an incredible amount of work. They need palettes - if any one is able to drop them by... they can also use coleman fuel or a coleman stove compatible fuel.

N. Wheeler and Dixon (right off Broadway on the east side of the river, one block E. of Kerby...).

Go support them as they oppose this inhumane camping ban!