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If you believe that the war in Iraq is over, and not merely carnage rebranded, then you are deluding yourself

OAKLAND, CA - August 31, 2010 -
Tomorrow, August 31st, in a fake ceremony in Baghdad, the U.S. will once again declare a false end to the war in Iraq.

Cindy Sheehan's Statement on the "End of Combat Operations in Iraq:

First of all-this was never a war, this always has been an illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign country and it was obviously for the monetary benefit of a few and millions of people, including my family, have suffered because of it.

The first MAJOR HOAX was that Saddam Hussein's Iraq had WMD and a connection to al Qaeda and if the US didn't invade immediately Iraq would send "mushroom clouds, or "drones with bio-weapons to the US East Coast--the second MAJOR HOAX was that we ended the war on May 1, 2003 when then US president, George Bush, declared an "end" to "combat operations;" the third MAJOR HOAX is that the US ended a horrible dictatorship, only to be replaced with a puppet US regime that almost makes execution a national sport.

Now, with a country in ruins and the US leaving many major construction projects unfinished-we are again perpetrating a MAJOR HOAX, not just on the people of Iraq, but the people of the US.

With 50,000 troops (the 3rd Armored Cavalry is deploying from Ft. Hood, Tx to Iraq as we speak), 18,000 mercenary killers and 82,000 support contractors (staffing an Imperial Embassy the size of 80 football fields), the illegal and immoral US occupation of Iraq is far from over.

As Ret. Lt. General James Dubik said recently: "It is in our (US) interest to have an Iraq that is friendly to the US." What he means is an Iraq that is friendly to US war profiteers.

I want to say this in the most simple and direct way that I can: "If you believe that the war in Iraq is over, and not merely carnage rebranded, then you are deluding yourself and I hope you wake up to the fact that for generations human beings have been used as pawns for the political elite-and, don't forget, that this is an election year."

I urge all of you to put on your critical-thinking caps and reject this propaganda and reaffirm your commitment to peace above political party.

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
Peace of the Action

Hmmmmm... 30.Aug.2010 22:05


Could it be Cindy is worried about what will happen to her campaign if we leave Iraq?

Get Real 31.Aug.2010 00:42

Joe Anybody

DMC ..your insensitivity, and lack of understanding, is insulting.

Campaigns are not what worry her.

The truth, and to "honestly" end these war(s)are her concerns.

You remember the word "honesty"?

I agree 01.Sep.2010 07:17

Jody Paulson

This has always been a corporate war. We're just exchanging our US soldiers for private mercenaries and contractors, but I get the feeling the US taxpayer will still wind up paying the bill. Plus you have to wonder if they're not pulling our troops out to prepare for another invasion (Iran?).