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Activists Storm the Eugene Celebration

As the Eugene Celebration kicked off with its annual parade Saturday morning, it was promptly joined by some uninvited guests. Activists concerned with the logging of old growth and native forests 'crashed' the parade. Jumping in line after Peter DeFazio, the group outstretched a banner across the entire width of the street which read "No Olde Growth Logging on Public Lands." Despite their unofficial status in the parade, the dozen or so activists entered and marched its entire route to the applause and cheers of onlookers.
Takin on the parade
Takin on the parade
The action served to highlight the controversial Trapper timber sale in the Willamette National Forest, which is not only critical habitat for the endangered spotted owl, but is a part of the McKenzie Watershed, providing water to the cities of Eugene and Springfield. According to one parade hopping participant, "We wanted to reach out to the Eugene community and remind them that despite years of public outcry, our old growth forests are still being cut right in our backyard. The Celebration parade is a great example of community coming together in the way we would like to see the community stand up against atrocities to our forests and watersheds."
Placing themselves behind Peter DeFazio's crew was intentional. DeFazio was responsible for signing a congressional bill which extended logging contracts, in essence giving the Seneca Jones Timber company five additional years in which to log the Trapper sale. The activists handed out pine cones to children and leaflets to adults, encouraging them to contact the Forest Service and Seneca Jones to demand they respect Eugene's drinking water and let the trees stand.

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This is awesome 01.Sep.2010 11:27

Fredric L. Rice

This is excellent, this actually *does* something beneficial and legitimate. Gluing locks and breaking windows is pathetic stupidity does does nothing, expressing progressive advocacy that everyone but corporate criminals agree with in venues where the truth is not expected is awesome.