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Lemonade Revolt video coverage

B Media rolled around Portlands Last Thursday art walk on Alberta street this month during the Lemonade Revolt with a mobile bike cart lemonade stand interviewing folks on what they thought about the event, regulating vendors, and last months ordeal when the city shut down a little girls lemonade stand for not having the proper permits. Check out our latest video!

embedded content: http://blip.tv/play/hoYFgfj9EgI%2Em4v

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Video: Lemonade Revolt 02.Sep.2010 21:34

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Hello B Media Collective!

I seen you, and lots of other folks at the Last Thursday Event on Alberta Street on 8.26.10
In fact B Media on the lemonade bike is in my video, along with a few other lemonade revolters.

There was plenty of police and security, but not any disturbances, nor any trouble with "anti" lemonade crusaders.
The video is about 14 minutes long. I left at 6:30 PM.


lemonade revolt on Alberta street Last Thursday
lemonade revolt on Alberta street Last Thursday