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land reclamation project - Join Us @ Free Camp "David W. Crowther"

This is a project to reclaim abused land and heal wounded spirits. This campsite is free and open to all.
We are currently about seven houseless folks, digging in and making this our home. We are living on an unused public right of way, near the intersection of N. Wheeler Pl. & N. Wheeler Ave. Easiest way to get here is to take N. Broadway west of Vancouver & Williams, and go north on N. Wheeler Ave. The Free Camp is located at the bottom of the hill!

See map, here:

Please come on down and join us! Move right in (bring a tent if you've got one), lend a hand setting up the gardens, or you can help out by bringing some supplies, or just stop by to hang out and talk!

We've got free food available, but can always use donations. Other items that may be useful: 5-gallon buckets for hauling water, hammers & hand saws for building more structures, starter plants and potting soil for the gardens, etc.