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FCGOA Defeats UGSOA at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Headquarters in Wash DC

"Today's VICTORY by FCGOA against UGSOA and it's UGSOA Local 44 sends a clear message to UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan that all is NOT Well at UGSOA" Stated FCGOA President Guy James.


With over 100 officers eligible to vote in this election UGSOA's Troubles are just beginning as FCGOA Defeats UGSOA at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Headquarters in Washington D.C. Today.



"Today's VICTORY by FCGOA against UGSOA and it's UGSOA Local 44 sends a clear message to UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan that all is NOT Well at UGSOA" Stated FCGOA President Guy James.


James also stated " that a Strong Labor Union requires that it's members understand that the Union is theirs and that the Union leadership be attuned to the desires of the members. Obviously UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan doesn't understand this...BUT FCGOA Does.

That's one of the major differences between the FCGOA and UGSOA". The Security Police Professionals working at the National Defense University found that out after voting FCGOA YES just last month.


On September 7 the National Labor Relations Board in Washington D.C. will be counting the ballots to decide if the 240 Justice Protective Service Officers working for WSI which are also members of UGSOA Local 44 in Washington D.C. are also going to join the 100 plus INS Security Police Officers who voted today in favor of joining FCGOA.

Letter of Support by Email

Subject: Re: MVM election conducted 8/27/2010

Congrats! to FCGOA and congrats! to MVM.

To all WSI personnel:

MVM got it right! Now, it is our turn to get the representation that we deserve. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Guy James (P) and Mr. James Napolitano (VP) of the FCGOA International staff.

Listen. These guys know what is up! Federal Government Security is in a very high demand these days especially after 9/11/01, DON'T FORGET!!! I'm not trying to insult anyone's intelligence. But, rest assure the FCGOA is ready to represent us to the highest level and we definitely need it.

They actually walked around to checked up on us... WOW!! That is awesome!!! I actually felt respected for a change. I made sure that the brand new JPSO standing next to me at the time was clear that they are going to be our new union representatives.

In other words, VOTE FCGOA!!!

FCGOA is also awaiting the results of an election in case 16-RC-10932. FJC / UGSOA / FCGOA Texas which was filed back in April of 2010. At this time UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan is refusing to allow eight (8)challenged ballots to be opened and counted in this election despite several NLRB rulings in favor of the FCGOA to count these challenged ballots having her attorneys file appeal after appeal on every ruling.


"UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan continues to deny these UGSOA officers an opportunity to have their voices heard knowing that these eight (8) challenged ballots would give the FCGOA a clear victory in this election". Stated FCGOA President Guy James.

UGSOA TROUBLES continue to mount as more and more UGSOA members reach out for help. In Washington D.C. the FCGOA has just signed a stipulated agreement to represent 130 Watkin Security Officers working at various DC school districts after UGSOA Desiree Sullivan DISCLAIMED INTEREST in this group after selling them off to SEIU 32 BJ. Press Here to Read

Now these same officers are in jeopardy of losing their jobs as SEIU 32 BJ puts pressure on the DC Council and it's DC Mayor Adrian Fenty to remove these contractors in their attempt we believe to bring in a friendlier contractor willing to recognize SEIU 32 BJ as their collective bargaining agent without a NLRB vote or certification. Both the FCGOA and former UGSOA Watkins Security officers are calling for an investigation by both the Department of Labor and Washington D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles to investigate this matter.

UGSOA Local 80 in Washington D.C. is also having its troubles as UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan has placed this local under trusteeship. The Department of Labor has already started an investigation of this trusteeship and UGSOA Local 80 finances.

On July 29th 2010 UGSOA Vice President and Director of the Fed Division Michael Hough resigned from UGSOA citing he had no longer any confidence in the leadership of UGSOA President Desiree Sullivan or UGSOA. Michael Hough is now working for the SPFPA as their Western Regional Director. Press Here to see letter


The Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA one of the newest and fastest growing 9(b)(3) Unions in the America Today specializing in the representation of Federal Contract Security Guards / Security Police Professionals working at Nuclear Facilities NRC, Federal Buildings, Dept of Energy DOE, Dept of Defense DOD, Dept of Homeland Security DHS, Correctional, Facilities, INS Facilities, Armor Car, Airports,Commercial and Industrial Facilities.

FCGOA Stands for and with the millions of Security Guard / Security Police / Federal Protective Service Guard Professionals nationwide who must be better organized, better trained and committed to a higher standard of providing private security to our nation's Homeland Security, Federal, State and County properties as well as private, industrial and commercial properties and the general public.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/ ... FCGOAheadquarters.jpg

Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA International Headquarters 1776 I Street, NW 9th Floor Washington, District of Columbia 20006

Tel: 202-756-4770 Fax 202-756-1301

New York Regional Office 212-541-3753 Fax 917-322-2105

Regional Offices

445 Park Avenue New York City, New York 10022

10 South Riverside Plaza Chicago, Illinois 60606

201 Penn Center Boulevard Suite 400 Pittsburgh, Penn 15235

2029 Century Park East 14th Floor Los Angeles, California 90067

201 South Biscayne Blvd 28th Floor Miami, Florida 33131

7900 East Union Avenue Suite 1100 Denver, Colorado 80237

Want more Information on How You Can Join FCGOA? Visit our Website at FCGOA.ORG

Looking for a Security Guard Job? Visit www.SecurityGuardJobs.Net for More Information.

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