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Native Forests Under Siege in the Willamette

Our native forests find themselves under siege yet again. A 149-acre piece of the Willamette national forest called Trapper was sold to the Seneca Jones Timber Company in 2003. The stand is native forest, meaning it has never before been logged, but it is now under serious threat and could be cut any day. The area was subject to a high-intensity wildfire 150 years ago, which left clusters of old growth among an area that is largely 140 year old post-fire regrowth. The area is also habitat to the endangered spotted owl. Our native forests are in and of themselves an endangered species and this particular area is a beautiful mix of mature forest and old growth that provides incredible habitat, as well as pristine drinking water.

There is still time to halt this project!

Call the Willamette National Forest and Seneca Jones Timber Company and demand they drop the sale. Tell them we will not stand for logging in our watershed, and we will not sit quietly and continue to witness the destruction of our last remaining native forests.

Meg Mitchell, Supervisor, Willamette National Forest, 541-225-6300
Rick Ram, Seneca Jones Timber Company, 541-689-1011

Save Trapper
Save Trapper
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