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THIS WEEKEND: Beehive Design Collective's Portland Debut of "true cost of coal"!

A swarm is coming! The Beehive Design Collective heads to Portland to release their long-anticipated "True Cost of Coal" graphics campaign!

Two years in the making, the "True Cost of Coal" is an elaborate narrative illustration that explores the complex story of mountaintop removal coal mining and the broader impacts of coal in Appalachia and beyond. To create the poster, the Beehive interviewed hundreds of community members throughout the Appalachia region. In their interactive picture-lectures, the Bees lead audiences through an engaging, larger-than-life banner version of the graphic, interweaving anecdotes, statistics, and history.

Several events in Portland
* Friday, August 27th, 3-5pm at the Ecotrust Building, Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, 2nd floor (721 Northwest 9th Avenue)
* Sunday, August 29th, 7pm at Autonomy (316 Northwest 4th Ave.)
* Tuesday, August 31st, 2pm - 6pm, Special Art Workshop & Presentation at Tryon Life Community Farm (details below)
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