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City of Portland spins web of deceit for Alberta's Last Thursday festivities

Molly Pettit a Northeast Portland musician, sound consultant and long time volunteer for the Last Thursday street fair on Alberta Street in Northeast Portland chronicles how the City has repeatedly and purposefully stifled any attempt to use space creatively for entertainment purposes combining art and politics. Portland, Oregon, 25/08/2010.

In February 2010 a vacant lot at 20th and Alberta Street was eyed up as a location for festivities on Last Thursday - a street fair which occurs on the final Thursday of each month where vendors and performers from the local community transform an already funky street into a festival like atmosphere during the space of an evening. Miss Pettit secured permission to borrow the land and proposed a solid plan that would involve music combined with the distribution of political literature from local and national groups such as the Beehive Art Collective, Climate Ground Zero, Indymedia and the Jericho Movement. She would also organise a stage and beer garden whilst following strict codes imposed by the City.

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