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Flag this message US Social Forum Multi-media Reportback SATURDAY @ Sisters of the Road

Come to the Cascadia Freedom Caravan's reportback.
Join us Saturday evening (Aug 28, 7-10pm) for a multi-media, interactive reportback on the US Social Forum at Sisters of the Road Cafe (133 NW 6th St) featuring live performances by Mic Crenshaw and Danny Kelly. The event will forcus on the reinvention of Detroit through short film screenings by the B Media collective on bike cities, urban farming and anarchist art, photography from local artists and activists Andrea Townsand, Berd Whitlock and Nat Needham on the cross-country journey from Cascadia to the Forum, and a sound installation by Right2Survive on alternative visions of justice. Local representatives from Jobs with Justice, PCASC, Sisters of the Road, Rising Tide, Creating Democracy and others will be on hand to bring context to the relevence of the Forum here in Portland. Food and drink provided. FREE.

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