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There will be a "No Soy El Army" Kickoff at Rotture, 315 S.E. Third Avenue, in Portland Thursday, August 26. This is also a benefit for Portland Central American Solidarity Committee (PCASC).
"No Soy El Army" Kickoff and PCASC Benefit
Rotture, 315 S.E. Third Avenue, Portland
9:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
$8.00 at the door
*** This is a 21-and-over event. ***
Hip Hop show sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and Global Fam, featuring
2Mex, Mic Crenshaw, Serge Severe, Rose Bent, M4 and Ubuntu Project.

An excerpt from the KBOO calendar listing (submitted by Mic Crenshaw):

"Does peace matter? How can we make the peace movement matter to more people by centering our work in economic and racial justice and an expanded anti-war analysis that makes peace organizing more relevant to the current economic collapse, global exploitation, and targetting of youth of color, poor outh, rural youth and other marginalized groups? What would this look like in our communities?

"You are invited to attend a stop on the 'No Soy El Army' tour this fall in Oregon to open a dialogue between the traditional peace community and the Spanish-speaking and Latino community about war, racism and the liberation of our towns...."

Background Information: Thanks to a generous grant from McKenzie River Gathering (MRG) Foundation, Rural Organizing Project (ROP), AFSC and Pineros y Campesinos del Noroeste (PCUN) are partnering to bring a "No Soy El Army" Tour to Rural Oregon. This tour is intended to provide outreach and education to the Latino community about the realities of militarism and the fine-print of the military contract. This is particularly timely in light of the impending passage of the Dream Act, which promises citizenship to undocumented immigrant youth if they enroll in college for two years or enlist in the military. The speakers on this tour are Spanish-speaking veterans (primarily IVAW).

More information on the tour, including intended stops in rural Oregon, can be found at the ROP website.

Peace Solidarity - Beats Not Bombs 25.Aug.2010 23:53

Ben Waiting

This is good stuff

Lyrics are right on with Mic Crenshaw

Beats Not Bombs my favorite dish!

Always a fun event with Mic & friends (we are all his Friends)

The benefit supports a cool activist group, PCASC

The whole damn thing sounds like a party

This will be a nice "get away if you been working the antiwar activist grindstone"

and also if you just like 'good beats and hate fuken bombs'

I myself dont get out much ...but this is one, I have been waiting for.
- beats not bombs - Portland Oregon 2010
- beats not bombs - Portland Oregon 2010