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Andrea Townsend, former Portland Jobs with Justice organizer and ex-editor of the Portland Alliance, talks on the recent Detroit Social Forum and helps facilitate discussion on applications for local organizing re: police abolition, tenant rights, transit riders, anti-poverty projects, and revolution.
This Sunday 6pm talk (Aug. 29th) by longtime Portland orgaizer Andrea Townsend at PSU's Hot Lips Pizza will focus on Andrea's analysis of the recent Detroit Social Forum, and how that experience (with 20,000 participants) can impact and affect alternate media in Portland, organizing re economic justice projects and campaigns, and coalition-building.

Andrea's talk is free, and she will help facilitate an open discussion re implementing some of the ideas from DSF, as needed, in metro Portland and the Northwest.

Organizers from Transit Riders Union, Tenant Rights Project, Coke-Vitamin Water Boycott will be on hand to give updates on these projects, and other Northwest organizing campaigns.


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