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Hempfest!...addicts in the kitchen throwing up!!

hempfest , once again every misss interpretation of the celebration of relegalizing industrial hemp for clothes and oil spill containment nets, and grocery store bag replacement is losing out ..
approximately 90% of the marijuana being inhaled comes from man made chemicals ( medical ). you can tell this by breaking the stem and verifying.. if it looks like a white cotton fiber you got ripped off. if it crumbles in your hand , you got gipped.
no distinction is represented by hempfest inner circle.. hell some just get messed up and take the cash for a vacation .. they made over half million dollars . but, the v.i.p tent gets smoked salmon and smorgasboard while the volunteers miss breakfast (due to the junkies boiling toxic mushroom teas that had staff puking in the food waste bin), and the lunches were ham sandwiches after you found a core staff with a food ticket...
but, the industrial trains are coming through (about 25 trains honking thier decibel violating horns) each day....the industrial shipp at the grain terminal is taking whats left of our food supply while the veegans are dumpster diving where the kitchen staff puked earlier. and the debris from the terminal loading into the ships is drifting down on every one at the main stage (mcwilliams stage( while the noise is excruciating...
to add to the cap and trade location inhalation violation , there are 3 cruiseboats creatting a traingle of toxic air that has hovered over the scene...we are all subjected to the cancer causing breeze that makes you sneeze.. but, what people will do to light up in public!
god help shut down the port for a few hours.
if they charged proper port rates ($150 per passenger v.s. $7.00) we in seeattle could keep the libraries open at 21 st century times. but there is no mention of N.A.F.T.A. abuses ongoing in our present second rate trade policies that give 3rd world shpping companies subsidized port rates...

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