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August 2010 update for "Get to Know Your Police Officers" Portland, Oregon.

august 2010 update, five cops added
Get to Know Your Police Officers August 2010 update
Get to Know Your Police Officers August 2010 update
For August 2010 five cops were added:

Officer James Crooker, who went to the Red and Black worker-owned cafe and made an ass out of himself on tv.

Officer Richard Deland, who shot and killed an unarmed man in 1998.

Seargent Ken Duilio, who was involved in an off-duty drunken brawl in downtown Portland in 2001, then a couple months later shot a man who had just disarmed a gunman at a convenience store. Surprisingly (or not), Ken Duilio is currently the football coach at Wilson High School.

Officer Sean Macomber, who was officer Jason Sery's partner at the killing of James Jahar Perez during a traffic stop. Officer Macomber initiated the traffic stop because he apparently thought the Perez was driving too nice of a car.

Officer Cory Roberts, who shot an unarmed man 4 times with a beanbag shotgun. The man was then shot dead by officer Richard Deland.