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Dawn Schiller activist/ author of Road Through Wonderland(surviving John Holmes)

FREE- safer space event at laughing horse books 12 ne 10th st 503-236-2893 donations OK
The Road Through Wonderland is Schiller's autobiographical account of her volatile years with John Holmes-Porn King. Her story was first seen in the 2003 movie Wonderland, starring Val Kilmer and Kate Bosworth. Schiller paints a realistic picture of a dangerous Hollywood subculture fighting the hangover of overindulgence in a decade that condoned overconsumption to the point of madness.

She is now an advocate for "throwaway teens" and has developed a national presentation titled "Our throwaway teens- who are they and how can we help? To raise awareness of the vulnerabilities of teens growing up in abusive and neglectful environments. Dawn educates audiences about what teens might be experiencing internally when targeted and groomed by a predator and how to identify a young victim in trouble. Dawn has also founded E.S.T.E.A.M ( Empowering Successful Teens through Education, Awareness & Mentoring), a nonprofit dedicated to assisting teens who are struggling to find a safe and successful path to adulthood.

She works full time in the Arts & Sciences department within a University, is on the committee to revise the university's sexual harassment policy, and is a member of the President's Commission on the Status of Women ( PCSW). Nominated for the R.O.S.E award in 2007,2008 and 2009, and the sunshine Peace award in 2010.