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Anyone want to share knowledge of self-defense out there?

Looking to gain confidence, skills, and training in practical (e.g., street) self-defense. If you are skilled in a martial art and would like to share your knowledge I would be thrilled!
Hi there!

I am of the mindset that our current lifestyles will not be the norm in the future. Whether I see this future or the next generation inherits it does not matter.

I am greatly interested in learning and practicing real skills such as farming/foraging, cooking, mediation, martial arts (i.e., for self-defense), emergency repsonse, first-aid, and so on and so forth. I would like to build up my abilities in these skills under a tutor, an apprentice if you will, and eventually teach these skills to someone else. Preferably I would do all this for free or few dollars but I am open and flexible. If you are interested and would like to chat with me a bit more about what I am looking for please contact me!

Thanks a bunch!