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Service Fee for Democracy being Denied

Service Fee, Local 444 (File # 543-333) under Security Police Fire Professionals of America, Democracy being Denied
When you go and check out the website; www.union-reports.dol.gov, and look under LM-2/3/ and 4; and in the search area, were you place a File Number. Enter the file number #000001 - this is the file number of the In that Internationals Headquarters. It will show all the financial reports (LM-2), and it will show the Nine (9) financial reports filed. Go ahead and click on anyone of the files (2006 through 2009), Search up Local 444 (file #543-333). Lets use the 2009 (LM-2) and you will see on the report that Local 444, paid a "SERVICE FEE" of $45,017. now this is "NOT" dues being paid, but a FEE (FOR SERVICE). There is "NO" dues being paid, just a Service Fee. Under the Constitution/By-Laws of SPFPA, to be on the Executive Board, or to Vote, or etc. You have to be a "DUES" paying members--so these 652 members can not Vote, hold Office, NOTHING. This is Democracy being Denied. Would you want to be a member of this Local? I wouldn't. I rather have a VOICE, a SAY, even to who holds which office. Can they explain how the current board exists, when they only pay a service fee? Talk about a double standard. Now hen you go back and check the history of these LM-2(s), from 2006 to 2009, you would see that this Local 444, has paid a Service Fee in 2006 ($18,755), 2007 ($24,552), 2008 ($51,925), and 2009 ($45,017) for a total of $140,249 dollars in "SERVICE FEEs". Again Democracy being DENIED! This is only the beginning. You can find more, all you have to do is look. Like the Total for ATTORNIES FEEs paid...is another area.