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Who Is For The Families?

We all know within a short time we will be heading to the polls again as a nation. It will be time to reconfigure who in Congress will fight for us- each of us. It's time for us to figure out who is next to take us through the forthcoming chapter in US history, and choose the best path to be on until the next round of decisions.

This is the tradition observed by countless Americans since the inception of our country. In fact, it began before we were officially a nation as there came a time when we chose democracy over life under a king. It was then we chose to say time's up to powerful moneyed interests telling us what we could or could not do, limiting our stride and hampering our journey. We said no more to putting the interests of the wealthy privileged few above our own.

We decided families came first. We opted for lives with rights both robust and satisfying. We wanted a say in how our land was governed and we got that. It became clear laws designed around maintaining the power and prosperity for one small group and their minions wasn't fair to the rest of us. It also wasn't necessary or something we couldn't do without.

Those traditions we had followed for so long were tossed up and over the side. We stared straight ahead at a new horizon we would now decide our own fate. We would choose to be responsible for each other. We would guard each other's rights and just as we decided together to govern ourselves as individuals we would use democracy to decide who would represent us in that government with respect to two of the three branches of government and to put limits on how much our individual lives would be ruled.

We decided by taking our destiny into our own hands we could improve not only our own lot, but that of our families respectively. We would all be improved. We could be stronger couples and spouses could have better control over their futures. Parents could have more control over their children and the direction their children's rearing would take. Those children would not only be the future of our family's names, but the future of our creed.

We have continued that tradition, our tradition; one which has taken many twists. It's been changed and tweaked some for the better, some for the worse. With the last administration we saw fairly blatant corruption of office and power. Beyond that and more to the point we saw our nation go in a direction we didn't like. Two wars and the economy sunk like a rock. Answers in response to media queries from our highest leaders like, "so what?" really helped punctuate that sentiment.

That's over. It's done. We are in the early stages of turning that around to change direction. Unfortunately it's a slow process.

It's time to decide who will be for the individual. It's time again to decide who will advocate for and pass legislation aimed at the majority of people over the select few. We need to know who will be for our families their futures as opposed to passing legislation aimed at maintaining and expanding the enrichment of a small majority.

We want to protect the rights of all to engage in free enterprise, yes. We also want to try and change the fact we have to work more and more to keep ourselves at the same stagnant income level (when adjusted for inflation) most of the nation has been at for decades. This, while a tiny sliver at the top have gotten wealthier and wealthier. We don't want to start going back to limbs getting lost at work with no recourse for aid, but whether the owner is a 'moral' person or not. With things like 'dead peasant' insurance policies held by some of the same folks who currently occupy those positions things aren't looking that way. (http://moneycentral.msn.com/content/insurance/p64954.asp)

Regardless, it's time to try and solve this election season's puzzle which will hopefully unlock health and prosperity for all of us. That spirit of having greater control over our own freedoms and destinies can still put us back on track and, it's not too late. The wealthy need rights just like we do. Of course comparatively they are doing okay.

After carefully considering we simply need to decide who will be on our side. That's the side of the majority, as opposed to being for the interests of a small fraction only. That's not to say we need to make everyone equal because that would not be in keeping with our more balanced traditions. It simply means voting those into office who are most fair to all regardless of party affiliation. Democrat or Republican need not always be the only serious considerations. Freedom to choose what we believe is best for our future is also a long standing aspect of our traditions.

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