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The Revolution will be Sweet and Refreshing!

Next week! Last Thursday!
<3  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/08/401419.shtml

Not often do we celebrate civil disobedience in this city.

I hope to see a protest, a celebration, a party, and a huge act of civil disobedience.

I gave a flyer about this to a longtime activist, he said, "That's fucking retarded." At first, I thought he was referring to my shitty flyer, but he explained that the event in-its-self is irrelevant, presumably for "lack of struggle" - or something. "I'm a socialist" he said. I figure this isn't "radical" enough for him. He can trot his way back to PSU, pick up a couple eager kids in the fall, and wonder why his "struggle" hasn't gained momentum for 9 years.

I'm just curious, to all fellow activist, organizers, and anarchists - when was the last time you had a successful rally? When was the last time new members showed up to your meetings? Exactly how much ground have you gained in your struggles? If you've been fortunate, you're lucky, and one of the few. Times are really tough for all of us.

In my opinion, we as organizers ought to be holding the best parties: parties that blur the line between civil disobedience and a celebration. Events like this are our opportunities solidify friendly relationships with people outside of our bloc - where we can include entire communities in a celebration and protest that is in their benefit. Where we can exchange a smile for a drink and remind them how easy it is to take a stand - take a stand and give out some lemonade.

This opportunity is another chance where the anarchist/activist community can shine, or continue to be an obscure force in this city that most regular folks don't understand, and have no intereactions with.

I don't mean to paint the Lemonade Revolt as the pinnacle of our struggles, but it is a party everyone is invited to.