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Charities Helping With Pakistan Flood Disaster Relief

Pakistan needs a lot more help than it's getting. I've compiled a list of links to charities helping with disaster relief. Please give anything you can.


As the death toll from the recent flooding in Pakistan rises, aid groups are in desperate need of donations. Some one in ten of Pakistan's population has been affected, and the UN secretary general has said this is the worst natural disaster he has ever seen. Below are links to some reputable charities helping in Pakistan.
For whatever reason, there doesn't seem to be as much of a sense of urgency in the US for helping the survivors of this tragedy as there was in the wake of the Haiti earthquake. The BBC reports that the UN has "so far only raised a fraction of the aid it has asked for" and that "[u]p to 3.5 million children are at high risk of deadly water-borne diseases, such as watery diarrhoea and dysentery".
Shortly after the Haiti earthquake, google's search suggestions turned up lots of useful results for donating to charities, whereas the same is not true in the wake of the flood in Pakistan. The below screenshots demonstrate this nicely. Since google's suggestions are affected largely by how many people search for and click through to certain sites, this suggests less interest.
Reputable charities helping in Pakistan:


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