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Sonette Ehlers, inventor of the Rape-aXe condom, on air

Mme. Ehlers has invented a 'vagina dentata' device that will seal off rapists' fluids, interrupt vaginal rape, and mark the assailant.
As I write, I am preparing an interview on KBOO.fm / KBOO 90.7FM with Doctor Sonette Ehlers. She has invented the Rape-aXe, a device inserted into the vagina that latches on to the unwelcome penis. It seals off body fluids as it stuns the attacker, allowing escape time. It then marks the rapist, who must then seek an ER doctor to remove the device.

Does this device have the potential to change the nature of rape? How would men act if they knew, say, that many women at a certain college or workplace were wearing it? What would be the effect of bumperstickers saying "I may be wearing a Rape-aXe? What if it were commonly seen next to condom displays at the supermarket?

What will be the effect on mens' psyches and behavior once two, twenty, or a thousand Rape-aXes are removed surgically, leaving the giveaway scar pattern?

The interview will be this morning at 9 AM on KBOO 90.7FM, live streaming on kboo.fm, and available as audio and transcript at kboo.fm later today.

homepage: homepage: http://kboo.fm

phone fail 19.Aug.2010 11:31

theresa mitchell

Sonnette has graciously agreed to return for next week's show. Apparently the phone trunk to Kimberly (South Africa) failed. C'est la radio vie....

from a rape victim in South Africa 19.Aug.2010 18:48

Rape Victim (was 12, now 20) penisflytrapblog@gmail.com

I wish this was invented 8 years ago. I am hoping to spread the news of the Rape aXe so other girls will not suffer as I have.