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Portland Anti-Fur Activists Acquitted

Two animal activists were acquitted of "violation of a restraining order" charges associated with the Nicholas Ungar Furs Campaign.
At approximately 4:45 PM today, Multnomah County Judge, Maureen McKnight acquitted Justin Kay and Jeffery Wirth of "violation of a restraining order" charges associated with the long running Nicholas Ungar Furs campaign.

In her explanation of the decision, Judge McKnight described the poor case the state District Attorney made in showing that the defendants willfully violated their restraining orders, which restricted the protestors from being within 50ft of store owner, Horst Grimm. Instead, she stated, the opposite was true. The defendants did everything within their power to obey the directives of their restraining order while still asserting their first amendment rights. They never willfully disobeyed any court ordered restrictions.

It was a win for activists and a win for the animals on factory fur farms.

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Thanks to the Attorneys 19.Aug.2010 18:22


There were two attorneys who worked pro bono on this case. This case would not have been won without their time and dedication. They were both fantastic and the community is indebted to them and attorneys like them:

Paul Loney
Kenneth Kreusche-  http://portlandlawcollective.com/


restraing orders are over 23.Aug.2010 01:04

restrain no more

I believe the restraining orders for Jeff and Justin are both up. They were up in July.