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Beaverton Public Access on the Chopping BLock

Public Access services in Washington County are on the chopping block. There are two important public meetings coming up very soon! Please visit this link: for more information including meeting dates and times.
Media activists encourage all community media supporters who live within the TVCTV service area to attend these meetings and speak out in support of community media. We also encourage all producers of live programming to devote some of their live time this week to encourage your Washington County viewers to attend these meetings and speak out on behalf of community media.

Public Access, along with other forms of Community Media are an integral and indispensable component of our Democracy.

It's impossible to navigate the complexities of the current political landscape with only the paltry information meted out by the Corporate Media. Public Access encourages the community to make TV, not watch TV, which means providing the community with viewpoints other than the prepackaged and sterilized pablum which often passes for news.
And if we ourselves don't report what is going on in our communities, we can at least support those who voluntarily take time out of their lives to do so. There is valuable programming available on Public Access television, valuable at the very least for the fact that it is without sponsors, advertising and a point of view dictated by sales of Viagra and Feminine Napkins.

Please take the time to follow the link provided and join with supporters of local Public Access television and attend these important meetings.

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