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Raw Logic

a synopsis of the raw and living food health movement
Raw Logic: Uncommon Sense
By Justus

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The new raw food movement goes back to the natural hygienics movement of the late 1950's. Dr. Ann Wigmore the founder of natural hygienics taught that there are enzymes in uncooked and unprocessed foods which have extraordinary health benefits. To quote Dr. Edward Howell: "Enzymes are substances that make life possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction that occurs in our body. Without enzymes no activity at all would take place. Neither vitamins, minerals, or hormones can do any work without enzymes." Cooked foods do not contain enzymes, as enzymes are destroyed at around 120 degrees F., or less.

For every health-conscious individual who is interested in cutting-edge research in the field of health and science I ask that you consider the effects that cooked food has on our bodies and on our environments. It is essential for the improvement of society that we clear the way for studies into the seemingly miraculous health benefits that are inherent in the living-foods lifestyle. It is not only essential to our own health and quality of life, but it is what's required for a dramatic transformation of civilization into the next age of innovation.

There is at least six million substances composing our organism (not including the trillions of beneficial symbiotic micro-organisms). Scientists have identified only about a thousand of these substances in things like bread, cheese, and cooked animal muscle, and have written in great length about the function of each of these substances in isolation. And consequently the food industry has gone great lengths to promote and distribute these few nutrients in their cooked and processed foodstuffs. Enormous amounts of nutrients are destroyed and lost in various refining and processing methods, just to bring us food which is to be cooked again on the home stove, grill, oven or microwave. The truth is that these edibles are only the degenerated, lifeless remains of a few of the six million or so constituents that our complex and perfect organism require for proper functioning.

Human nourishment is very simple. All raw-plant-foods contain all the nutrients that we need to thrive. All raw-plant-foods are whole and balanced foods. What is a buffalo composed of if not just raw grasses? A lion is composed of those same grasses, but its organism is designed to absorb its raw materials by eating the herbivore. Now, while buffalo's are designed towards eating grasses and greens, and lions are designed towards eating raw meat, the human-being is geared towards eating fruits, nuts, seeds, greens 'superfoods' etc... We prefer variety. Consider the fact that you could try a new taste, a new fruit everyday for the rest of your life and not try them all! Eating raw-organic-plant-foods is the most natural part of the human physiology.

We do not actually need allot of food if we eat highly nutritive and mineral-dense foods. The food companies know that the more nutritive-free food you eat, the more you will feel the need to eat compulsively. They will even claim that their food is "wholesome", "balanced", or yielding some "preventive" component against diseases to gain a profit. Why should we pay exaggerated prices for such weak foods? Cooked food depresses the immune system and drains us of energy, enzymes, and minerals. Your body must divert enzymes from healing and building itself to the digestion of cooked food. Eating cooked foods exhausts the pancreas (the enzymatic organ,) it weakens the ability of your body to absorb the broken down nutrients by collecting on the walls of the colon and intestines, and in turn, leads to a chain reaction of weakening organs and serious health problems. It is not counter-intuitive to put so much time, money and resources into this denaturing of our food, just to spend more time and money on various medical options.

The raw and living food lifestyle is absolutely eco-friendly and is a vital part of living more sustainably. The ecological and economical implications of people eating more raw food and less cooked food would be immense! Rawfooders (someone eating 75-100% rawfoods) produce little to no trash, but they do produce the finest fertilizer (raw compost). Plant-based agriculture is highly efficient, and the yield of such crops is much greater than that of animal factory farms, (you could feed 100 vegetarians with the amount of land it takes to feed one meat-eater [and the animals being eaten]). Most of the grain grown in the United States is used in cattle feed. It is well known today that commercial grain crops must be grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides because of their weak genetic nature, this, in turn adds to the amount of toxins found in meat and grain products (the chemicals and additives in food is another subject entirely). Commercial grain crops strip enormous amounts of minerals and nutrients from the land. Commercial meat and grain agriculture is already highly inefficient, and in the end, the products are practically all burned up. The Bread Basket of the U.S. is threatened by these agricultural methods. By what flawed logic is the "Bread Basket" not turned into a cornucopia? By what flawed logic do we continue to subject ourselves to the vicious cycles of the cooked food world?

The fastest way to massive health abundance, success, and prosperity is through detoxification and self-renewal with a diet of as close to 100% raw-organic foods as possible, and the consciousness that comes with it. Your body is consistently building itself with the raw material that you eat. In just seven years every cell in your body is replaced! If you build yourself on raw materials and optimistic thoughts you can experience a whole new you. The Raw Food Movement is exploding with "raw power" and countless people are returning to paradise! Pollution, diseases, and the apparent food shortages have no natural place in this world.

Here are a few of the many benefits that raw nutrition has proven:

-helping rid oneself of addictions
-the loss of all addictions
-increased energy
-increased strength
-increased endurance
-needing less sleep
-becoming more resistant to the elements (heat and cold)
-more radiant skin
-a more attractive tan
-thicker, richer hair
-the eye color may change and gain luster , vision can improve
-the curing of "common illnesses"
-the curing of diseases
-higher consciousness and connection to the universe
-giving one a natural "high on life"
-raised confidence
-greater karma
-loss of stress
-loss of the need of poison medicines that pour out of the jaws of factories
-improved memory, mental alertness, and reflexes
- becoming a superfood-superhero