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We are being LIED TO about the Gulf of Mexico

The truth is out there if you're willing to look ... unfortunately the mainstream news wants us to look the other way, for some reason ... WHY?
From the very beginning, British Petroleum has been lying, and for some reason US government agencies have been aiding and abetting their cover-up. And the mainstream media doesn't seem that interested, considering what's on the line.

First of all, we know BP lied about how much oil was spilling into the Gulf, so they wouldn't have to pay the fines (I believe they were being fined by the gallon). They sprayed a bunch (*42 million gallons*) of toxic dispersant (Corexit) into the Gulf to drive the oil from the surface where at least it could be dealt with in one visible glob, into tiny droplets that penetrate the depths of the ocean. (Out of sight, out of mind, right boys?)

There are reports that this spraying is still going on:
Corexit Is Being Sprayed at Night, Even Now (According to BP Vessel of Opportunity Workers and Others)

So now we (supposedly) can't see the oil, but does that mean it doesn't exist? Does that mean it's safe to eat food from the Gulf?

Fishermen find oil and dispersants on Mississippi shrimping and oyster grounds

Gulf oil spill still a threat to seafood, JAMA study indicates
 link to www.mcclatchydc.com

Gulf Shrimpers Find Oil In Reopened Fishing Areas. Governnment Says "Shut Up". Sierra Club Alleges Areas Were Solely Reopened to Limit BP's Liability

So basically, BP doesn't want to keep paying shrimpers not to fish, so they're saying "there's no oil here, the seafood is perfectly safe to harvest" and for some ungodly reason the US government is backing them up. WHY???

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Why? 20.Aug.2010 19:24


Because they know they can get away with it.

when corporations ruled the Earth 21.Aug.2010 10:59

smash the system

America's Gulf: A Toxic Crime Scene - by Stephen Lendman  http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/node/54422

Gulf Coast Fishermen Challenge US Government Over Dispersants 21.Aug.2010 11:18


Gulf Coast Fishermen Challenge US Government Over Dispersants - Dahr Jamail  link to www.truth-out.org

This is disgusting ... ! 23.Aug.2010 09:49

Jody Paulson

"The US government, and even President Obama himself, have said that Gulf seafood is safe to eat in the wake of the massive BP oil spill.

"But an admission from the federal government that it hasn't been testing Gulf seafood for toxic heavy metals, and news that fishermen are being forced to sign waivers making them liable for toxins in their catch, suggest not everyone is convinced of the safety of Gulf seafood."