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PoPo Open House! Everyone's invited!!!

Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct Open House
Saturday August 21, 10am.
Multnomah Arts Center
7688 SW Capitol Hwy
from cop website
from cop website
Will Central Precinct captain and Nazi-enthusiast Mark Kruger be there? Wouldn't it be nice to meet him in person?

Portland Police Captain Mark Kruger told the Willamette Week ("The Cop Who Liked Nazis," WW February 11th, 2004), that he owns and wears Nazi-era German uniforms, built a memorial to dead World War II German soldiers on Rocky Butte, and was married near the site of Hitler's summer home, Berghof, the burned-out shell of which was demolished in 1952 by the Bavarian government out of concern that it would become a neo-nazi shrine and attract neo-nazis. Two friends from Kruger's younger days claim that he engaged in nazi activities with them, including yelling racial and homophobic slurs at people, and engaging in nazi-themed vandalism. Kruger claims that he is just a "history geek," and not currently involved in nazi activity.

Additionally, Kruger has repeatedly violently abused Portlanders, resulting in $1 million or more of city money in damages and attorney fees.

The open house will also be featuring the SERT team (like SWAT). Maybe you will be lucky enough to meet Mike Stradley in person!

Officer Mike Stradley is named in a BOLI complaint by a female officer as taking part in the sexualized and sexist hazing rituals that Portland's SERT team engages in. According to that BOLI complaint these hazings include homophobic and sexually oriented skits.

Some of the hazing rituals included simulated sexual intercourse, simulated bowel movements, simulated masturbation, simulated oral sex, forcing an officer to the ground while another officer would sit naked on the officer's face, and storming into the quarters of a sleeping officer, rousting him and simulating having sex with him.

Also, the bike officers will be there! Will Officer Ryan Lewton be there so that he can be personally congratulated for avoiding any punishment for his role in the death of Aaron Campbell, shot in the back while unarmed after coming to an agreement with a police negotiator?

There will be plenty of other shitheads there, including the "Mounted Patrol Unit" and the cops on motorcycles.

Fun for the whole family!

I'll be there 18.Aug.2010 15:22


I'll be there! I'll be there to support the fine men and women of the Portland Police, and to protect them from the likes of the ignorant, deluded anarchists of this city who are certain to show up and make a spectacle of themselves.

of course 21.Aug.2010 15:52


Of course you'll be there, Rigoberto. You dumbass.