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Dog Foster Family Desperately Needed

At Ananda Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, we're at capacity right now. But today, we have learned that there is a dog in the local shelter who is on the euth list and will be put down unless she can find a foster family right away. Could this be you? She's a pit bull who, according to a shelter worker, "needs better social skills with people and dogs to make it in a shelter. If there was a foster home that could evaluate her further and take more time with dog/dog introductions that would be ideal."
I believe they are looking for someone with breed experience, or at the very least someone who is good at understanding and dealing with dog behavior. Shelter life can be very difficult for dogs, and the shelter staff feel that she will deteriorate in shelter. She must get out right away, or she will be put to death. Please help to save this dog's life.

If you can provide sanctuary for her, please contact us right away at  AnandaFAR@gmail.com. We will post a photograph as soon as we have one.

address: address: PO Box 385 St Helens, OR 97051