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Video: The Truth About the U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan

Public Access program featuring Afghanistan born Professor Zaher Wahab reporting on the conditions in his native country upon returning from his yearly work for the Minister of Education.

The Truth About the U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan
On this most recent of his his annual appearances on the Public Access program, "A Growing Concern,Professor Zaher Wahab details the conditions in his native Afghanistan.

According to Wahab, nothing has changed. The people are still terribly poor; while the U.S. spends 8 billion dollars a month on it's Occupation, the amount spent monthly to "win the hearts and minds of the people," in the ninth year of this Occupation, remains only in the millions.

And worse of all, much of the money which should be going to these purposes is being squandered by corrupt officials and funneled out of the country.

Afghanistan is now the world's largest exporter of heroin, and the U.S. finds that it must defend and protect these opium fields in order to keep the fickle allegience of the Warlords whose operations depend upon this revenue.

There are few schools and few jobs for those who manage to graduate. Classrooms are often held in the open or in bombed out and bullet damaged buildings, with little shade, equipment, or electricity.

Zaher speaks at length and is extremely articulate about his annual work in Afghanistan. He is passionate, compassionate and dedicated to his people. Towards the end of the program Zaher provides several recent photographs of every day life in Kabul.

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