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Who are Dr Laura's Sponsors

I was gonna boycott the sponsors of the racist dr laura
So I was wondering if any one know who they may be?

I'm also gonna peck around to find who to complain to about her racist triad.

She should "hit the road"

Media Matters has a suggestion 16.Aug.2010 18:49

Passed Along

This has to be heard to be believed. In an extended segment on August 10, radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger responded to an African-American caller upset about racism by engaging in a long, racially insensitive rant that included 11 uses of the N-word.

One sponsor, Advance Auto Parts, has announced that it is "investigating" Schlessinger's comments. Advance Auto Parts and other sponsors need to hear from you.

Click here to hear the shocking, bizarre audio and ask yourself: Is this what her sponsors are paying for?

Then call Advance Auto Parts at 1-877-ADVANCE and tell them they should stop advertising on Dr. Laura's show.

In the nearly seven-minute-long rant, Schlessinger attacks the NAACP, says that claims of racism are "hypersensitivity" bred by "black activists" who want "power," and tells her caller that she has "a chip on [her] shoulder" and advises, "If you're that hypersensitive about color and don't have a sense of humor, don't marry outside your race."

"I really thought that once we had a black president, the attempt to demonize whites hating blacks would stop. But it seems to have grown," Schlessinger says as she ends her breathtaking screed.

Schlessinger apologized for using the N-word, as if the rest of her words didn't provide a clear view of her feelings on race in America.

It's time to ask Dr. Laura's sponsors: What are you supporting?

These kinds of inflammatory comments are nothing new -- Dr. Laura has a pattern of making insensitive attacks, especially against gays and lesbians. Her racial rant, however, is over the top. Companies that advertise on Schlessinger's show are supporting and perpetuating her extreme, incendiary racial views.

This week, Media Matters for America will be asking her sponsors where they stand, and you can help. Click here to hear the appalling audio, get sponsor contact information, and pledge to contact one of Dr. Laura's sponsors.

Join us in sending a message to Dr. Laura's sponsors: no more.

It's time to ask Dr. Laura's sponsors: What are you supporting?

Eric Burns
Media Matters for America

She is quiting her show at the end of this year 17.Aug.2010 20:14



// ...she will pull the plug on The Dr. Laura Program at the end of the year, a week after repeatedly using the N-word while taking a call on the air from a black woman who wanted to discuss her interracial marriage. She made the announcement during an appearance on Larry King Live. //

Her sponsors 18.Aug.2010 21:13

Karma Lita