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IMF Resistance Network Update

Greetings from the IMF Resistance Network! Preparation for the October mobilization continues at a rapid pace. Here are the latest developments.
- We have housing! St. Stephen's Episcopal Church will be available for mass housing and convergence throughout the demo.

- Possible date change: We have received information that the meeting dates may be changed to October 7 - 9. More on this as we get it.

- The IMF Resistance Network has endorsed the joint statement of the International Student Movement. The ISM is organizing the Global Wave of Action for Education during October and November. The joint statement can be read at  http://www.emancipating-education-for-all.org/joint_statement_2010

- Jubilee USA ( http://jubileeusa.org) is organizing a permitted march against the IMF during the summit, as well as a forum.

- We had a consulta at Anarchy Summer Camp last Saturday. Campers were enthusiastic about the demo and had a lot of cool ideas. Some of these were an aquatic bloc on the Potomac, more robust and sophisticated comms than at past IMF demos, home demos at various DC power brokers' houses, and multiple simultaneous marches.

- Sign up for our announcement list at  http://imfresistance.org/?page_id=22

homepage: homepage: http://www.imfresistance.org

I hate the IMF 15.Aug.2010 13:26

Ben Waiting

Did i mention I hate this corrupt IMF?

Im interested in ALBA which is the new Latin America banking alternative to the IMF

So just saying, the fact is that there are good alternatives out there to consider, as we all work in solidarity to remove the IMF