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Federal Judge rules to cut Oregon old growth to save the Spotted Owl!

Former US Senator Gordon Smith's brother rules to cut old growth forests near Bend to save the Spotted owl. It's back to square one people.
Cascadia Bioregion
Cascadia Bioregion
A federal appeals court (9th District) Friday cleared the way for logging to resume in an old growth forest reserve at a national forest in Oregon to protect northern spotted owl habitat from being lost to wildfire.

In a 2-to-1 decision by a three-judge panel, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling that had stopped the Five Buttes project on the Deschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon.

Judge Milan D Smith (The infamous former US Senator Gordon Smith's brother) says we must cut the forests to save them from insects and fires and other bad things and save the spotted owl habitat. Don't you just hate it when the elite try to play with our minds and souls! I don't know about you, but I am pissed!

This is federal old growth owned by the people of the US, not corporations. This is an ongoing attempt to dismantle the Northwest Forest Plan one forest ecosystem at a time.

Maybe it is time to pull away from the United States Corporation of America. Organize ourselves around our ecosystem called Cascadia.

This was a court battle that was being fought for saving the forests by Cascadia Wildlands Project, The League of Wilderness Defenders-Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, et al.

On the side of the corporate interests and the US Forest Service - John C. Cruden, Acting Assistant Attorney General; attorneys for the US department of Justice, Environment and Natural Resources division and attorneys for the US Department of Agriculture

So people, once again the corporations are using our tax dollars to screw us. We pay for the attorneys at the department of justice, acting assistant attorney generals, the employees for the US department of Agriculture.

Here is link to the court Opinion by Judge Milan D. Smith, Jr.;
Dissent was by Judge Paez. Judge Richard C. Tallman voted for logging old growth forests.


There's an old saying: "Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose"

So soon we will all be swiming in our own sewage, no clean water, no clean air, no jobs, no homes, no wildlife to teach us how to free ourselves, no forests to escape to when the air in the cities becomes to foul. I guess then we will all be free.


The Blue Mountain Diversity Project -  http://www.bmbp.org/

Cascadia Wildlands -  http://www.cascwild.org/

What is behind this tragic action is Interfor - massive clearcutting machine 14.Aug.2010 15:53


The US forest service, the attorny generals office and all the minions of attorneys including the courts and the judge work for International Forest Products Limited (Interfor) and Mr. Davies...the most evil earth rapist to have ever walked the face of the earth.

This man and his stockholders raped the British columbia Squamish valley.

Here is a link to the history how on one corporate machine was able to destroy thousand year old trees and take land from the first nations people of British columbia using the "law". They created tree stump mud flats.

 link to store.wildernesscommittee.org

Think the movie "Avatar". Think the corporate destroyers who tried to destroy a whole planet and all the peoples.

Then you must think about Interfor and Mr. Duncan Davies CEO. Whereever he goes so goes the earth, old growth trees, the environment and all that is good. He is ruthless! Everyone is in his pocket...
thousand year old tree death - the work of interfor
thousand year old tree death - the work of interfor

better graphic of Cascadia 14.Aug.2010 16:05


Hope this graphic of Cascadia is larger so you can see the detail
Cascadia Bioregion
Cascadia Bioregion

yep 14.Aug.2010 18:43

Ecotopian Yeti

several recycled memes in response:

"we had to burn down the village in order to save it".

"and the band played on ... ball of confusion"

Cascadia as an independent commonwealth thumbing its nose at American empire and transcorporate hegemony is only a awakening away.. if anyone woke up from the Matrrix


100th try 14.Aug.2010 19:25

Ecotopian Yeti

Maybe you are waiting for the heat to subside? No, its hot and cold and mild through out the year. Maybe a flag? No, I made that long ago. Maybe an idea? No, it can not be that because there has been a lot of good ideas from a bioregional commonwealth to parecon and even Ecotopia. A themes song? No, there is a lot of music for "the revolution." Maybe we are waiting for Cascadia to be formed? No, even the US geological department officially recognizes the bioregion of Cascadia. Oh I know. We are missing Cascadians! We only have Americans and Canadians which translates as sheepish passive consumers who vote for a saviour king every four years.



I dont get it 18.Aug.2010 16:44


Cascadia dosen't exist. Probably never will. I, like many, would rather have a vote than have something shoved down my throat. I don't understand how some people could plan to replace any form of government without the support of the majority. It's realy a backwards notion.

response to I dont get it 18.Aug.2010 23:52

Ecotopian Yeti a_cascadian@yahoo.com

Actually Cascadia is recognized by the USA and Canada. Its recognized as a geological and geographical region. Just do a simple search through the USGS - U.S. Geological Survey website or their offical documents. We have no problem of having Cascadia. The problem is do we have "Cascadians?"

Here are some US government sites that recognize Cascadia:



 link to www.usgs.gov



more to "Oregonian" 19.Aug.2010 00:07

Ecotopian Yeti a_cascadian@yahoo.com

"I, like many, would rather have a vote than have something shoved down my throat. I don't understand how some people could plan to replace any form of government without the support of the majority. It's realy a backwards notion."

Maybe I am just slow, but where are you getting "replace any form of government without the support of the majority" unless you mean the current government that we are just born with whether we want it or not? No one that I know of in the "Cascadian movement" (if it can even be currently counted as a movement) has ever not talked about democractic process. I see no one saying "oh lets force the Cascadian identity on to anyone." There is a desire that we (myself and a few people who consider themselves as Cascadian) wish people in Cascadia would shift their identity to Cascadian, bit not in the form of the current paradigm of nationalism or some other exclusive group identity. The Other people who I have dialogue always seem to express that "Cascadian identity" must be inclusive and based on trying to find that harmony with the bioregion. This is about a paradigm shift of who or what we are in relation to Mother Earth/Mother Nature as a whole and part of the bioregion.