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State of the Media

Visual Record Preservation.
Items #13, #39, and #66.
Just In Case You Thought It Was All Bullshit.

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Can you Explaine 13.Aug.2010 15:05

more info?

what is this post all about?

You have to wait for the pic to load .... 13.Aug.2010 21:21

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

It's almost 20 Mb.

It's a bunch of stuff from my past.

Basically, if you had been following the saga over the last 3 years? DOD/CIA have been placing persons often refered to by police as (NHI) No Human Involved, in various position throughout the Media and in Local Government, Public Information Officers for Major Corporate and Public Entities.

I knew them for a place before that. The street. Now they are Prisoners of their past. Sex Slaves beholden to their Ring Masters in the Delivery of the Official Point View, or the Squashers of Public Findings that come to their attention that would otherwise interfere with the Official Program.

I left the street life a longtime ago. They came back into my life in a round a bout way when they discovered my connection to their past. My Life went seriously sideways about 6 years ago. Little did I know it was directly attached to the knowledge they wish I not possess. The Stupid thing is? ... I never would have had any Idea had they not relayed their presence and as they put it, "Came back to tell you goodbye."

I could have just as easily went on about my life had they let me, none the wiser. I'm not upset that the Girls from the Past all got new fancy jobs. I am upset by the reasoning behind the People's Motive for that placement.

It basically means the total subjugation of the free press and entire democratic process. The Media that plays out our daily goings on and political arena are truly nothing more than street theater played out before the masses. These are real word connections to their past, and all of the documents were put into one file and launched into cyberspace for the mere possibilty that it will not be lost and preserved until someone else cares enough to say "There is Something Wrong Here", and needs to be answered for and corrected.

Someone told me my claims had to be outrages delusion, and that bold claims required proof. I've made it my mission to prove my claims with whatever limited resources I have left.

This includes letters of personal correspondence to connect them to my person to establish Identity, Court Records are Included to support My Claims of Time Frame and Activity. This is trying to piece things back together that happened 15 to 20 years ago.

I just want to Force the Government, to admit what they have done to "Our Country". Through Public Outcry, and If Necessary? ...By Force.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

Facebook Notes on the Media:

Here is a More Navigable Link to the Original Information 15.Aug.2010 01:47

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com


Be Sure to Check the Report Links ate the Bottom of the Page,

on Subjects #13, #39, and #66.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

007.Website Taken Down ... 18.Aug.2010 11:23

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

New Web Info Link


Thank You!

-Tracy Mapes