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We've angered another crackpot

When purveyors of lies, scams, frauds, and crackpot notions get the truth about what they peddle exposed in a big way, very often the liars will scream in anger and frustration, often because having their lies and crimes exposed adversely impacts their revenues.

Freedom of speech includes consumer advocacy, and any crook trying to sell the rubes, marks, and gullible suckers a bill of goods needs to be exposed soundly and widely.

Uh-oh. Seed Media has received some demands from Robert Lanza, MD, Scientist, Theoretician, Genius, Renegade Thinker. He wants us to take down a few posts by Orac and myself. I guess he doesn't like being compared to Grandpa Simpson, or seeing disagreement with his ideas about the afterlife, or being exposed as a quantum woo-meister.


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