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Video: Activism in the Post 911 World

Tre Arrow, environmental activist and former political prisoner speaking at the Roots of Resistance Conference held in Portland Oregon.

Tre Arrow, Activism in the Post 911 World
This conference, held in Portland Oregon over the week end of August 6th and 7th, was organized by Jesus Radicals, and much of the orientation was centered around Christianity, Anarchism and violent vs non violent tactics.

Tre Arrow begins by giving a brief history of the successful resistance to the Eagle Creek timber sale just outside Estacada Oregon. Following this introduction he speaks about being charged with arson, his flight to Canada and eventual sentencing to 7 years in prison.

Much of Tre's talk followed up on an earlier discussion by Lauren Regan, about current Green Scare policies of the U.S. government. Though activists are being prosecuted with extremely long sentences for what just two decades ago would have been maybe 5 year sentences, Tre was upbeat and optimistic that activists can navigate these attacks by law enforcement and continue their work to bring about social change in this country.

"We have the power; don't let the system take your power away. Don't let them fool you into thinking that they have more power than you, because they don't. We have something that they don't have; and that's the love."

Tre Arrow, Activism in the Post 911 World