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Beware Parents of Officer Garrison from the Gresham Police...............

Gresham Officer Garrison searched my 14 daughter, commented on her bra,hand cuffed her and placed her in the back of his patrol car, even atfer he called me and was aware I was in route to pick her up. I didn't arrive until after 11pm so he had her in custody prior to curfew. I believe he abused his power of an officer of the law, because of his knowledge of me and my family. She has never broke any laws her violation was curfew and he gave me a $720 for failure to supervise when I had asked for police help to locate her ealier that day. Since she was not a run away they would not assist. what more could I do. She not a bad child.
I'm struggling with my daughter after being raped. She is 14 years old and is hating life right now. At first I would not let her out of my sight, I even decided to move our family away to a small town. She told me she was staying at a friends house, which i confirmed. I found out she was struck by a car while riding a bike earlier that day, and the man was threating to sue me. Scared she never called me back on our regular check ins. I called the police because I was worried and they informed me if I knew she was not a run away I could not report it even if she had not checked in. I finally heard from her late that evening she was crying and scared she assured me she was with her friend and parent, I insisted to come get her. 20 minutes later I receive a call from Officer Garrison telling me to meet him at a chevron gas station. when I arrived he had her hand cuffed in the back of his car, Later she informed me Officer Garrison searched her and even made a comment about her bra......................I am disgusted...... Not to mention he gave me a ticket for failure to supervise my child....$720.oo I have done everything in my power to help her, it is going to take time and healing...that's for sure... To give me a ticket when I tried asking for help by the police, then when I mentioned to him what more could I have done he told me to be a better parent. She has no criminal record and I have two sons in state colleges how dare you judge me. After all she has been through I am appauled the Gresham police allow male officers to search young women. Come on people there are sicko's everywhere. I was married to a police officer once with the Gresham Police he was abusive to me and my children. The other comments he made that really bothered me was he was discussing these issues with my daughter and asked my daughter if I had A tatoo of a rose on my chest "WHY WAS THIS EVEN BROUGHT UP" then he proceeded to tell my daughter I had crimes on my record. I have no clue what he is talking about. Telling my daughter I stole a car. I assure you I have never stolen a car, why in the hell is he telling her this. I may be wrong but that is not for him to discuss if it were true. More and more officers are being caught by video....it's time we protect ourselves against those that believe there above the law. I do know there are more officers that serve and protect then not but way to offten civilians file complaints and they are always pushed aside for fear of being sued. Watch your children even when you think your doing your best someone will always say it's not good enough. I plan of fighting this violation and filing a complaint against Officer Garrison from the gresham police.

officer garrison of gresham police stalking family in my opinion. 23.Feb.2014 12:43

a family member 666666666

this man spends way to much time thinking of ways to hurt people he has a beef with even going so far as to hurt the children and other members of the family , just to get at the target of his anger my gd man get a life and stay out of ours