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Ananda Farm Sanctuary is now Ananda Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

After receiving a lot of input from volunteers and the public, we have just changed our name from Ananda Farm Sanctuary to Ananda Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. Although we continue to take in farmed animals escaping oppression, exploitation, and slaughter, we have found that we also provide rescue and often sanctuary to so many dogs and cats that a name change was in order.
Some of the many happy pigs at Ananda
Some of the many happy pigs at Ananda
Just in the past few months, we've rescued dozens of dogs, provided veterinary care to dozens more, and taken 8 more dogs into sanctuary. We want our name to reflect the diversity of the non-human animals who come into Sanctuary, as well as the diversity of our efforts (because, although many animals come to us for sanctuary, we often rescue other animals by finding placements for them, by providing necessary veterinary care to them, or by otherwise assisting them without necessarily moving them into the sanctuary itself). We feel more like an "animal rescue and sanctuary" than a "farm sanctuary," thought either is wonderful.

We've been busy this year at all the Ananda hauses! Rescuing pit bulls from dog fighters, rescuing pigs from slaughter, rescuing dogs from death rows across the country and here in our own backyard, rescuing chickens from slaughter, and tending all the animals already living in sanctuary... all of this has been deeply rewarding for us. There's nothing like the feeling of getting to know someone who was almost put to death in a shelter or a slaughterhouse, and who is now free to become the being she or he is meant to be. We're also meeting a lot of awesome people since we started Ananda just a little over a year ago. It's wonderful to find out how many people are as passionate and engaged in the struggle for the animals as we are.

Thank you to EVERYONE who is a part of the Ananda family - and that's all of you who have opened your hearts to us, who have taken in animals with us, who have volunteered your time and labor with us, and who have supported us in so many other ways. Together, we're saving the world, one animal at a time.

address: address: PO Box 385 St Helens, OR 97051

Great! 10.Aug.2010 11:40


Thanks for all the great work that you guys do. I totally think the name change is a great idea, because I've been watching you helping so many dogs along with all the pigs and chickens and rabbits and horses and things.