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Nest Surveyors Arrested

On Saturday August 1st, 4 NEST surveyors were arrested in the Willamette National Forest
A Red Tree Vole
A Red Tree Vole
A NEST Volunteer Surveyor
A NEST Volunteer Surveyor
NEST (northwest ecosystem survey team) has been monitoring timber sales for over 10 years. NEST volunteers use NEPA and national forest guide lines to establish nesting zones for the red tree vole, the main diet of the northern spotted owl. NEST has worked with several Oregon National Forests to help establish breeding ground and habit for both endangered species.

On Friday July 31st, two Linn county sheriffs and a Forest Service LEO came to NEST camp. They harassed and threatened the few surveyors left back at camp. They claimed that the NEST camp was in private land and not the national forest. Though all public maps showed NEST camp on forest service land.

On Saturday August 1st, 4 brave NEST surveyors tried to reason with the police before any more hostility could come out of this. There are no border markings, and all maps placed NEST camp on public land. The 4 surveyors were arrested without discussion and escorted out of the Willamette National Forest and booked in Albany, OR.

The land border in question is between the national forest and a lumber company. This is another example of big money lumber interest over people's rights. The NEST surveyors were profiled as forest defenders or tree sitters; while in actuality NEST is a legal and legitimate form of ground-truthing and protecting the last remaining Old Growth in Oregon.

The 4 NEST surveyors are facing criminal trespassing plus restitution. The police searched the camp and took pictures of the camp without a warrant.

NEST is a volunteer operated and donation based environment survey group.

If you wish to make donations or find out more about NEST or are interested in volunteering please contact NEST by Email:  nestcascadia@gmail.com

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