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Laughing Horse Radical Block Party!!!

The Ultimate Radical Block Party!! Rad Bands, Vegan Food + Treats, Info Tables, Games + More!
Jonathon Jackson liberating the Marin County Courthouse
Jonathon Jackson liberating the Marin County Courthouse
Bands include:

Riot Cop
Here Comes a Big Black Cloud!!
Palo Verde
Duck. Little Brother, Duck!
Lee Corey Oswald
People Eaters
Bear Feet


Starts @ 12 and goes til 9 Local Groups including Rose City Anti-fascists, Black Rose Infoshop, Red & Black Café, Right to Survive, + more!!

Vegan Food Galore!! Build your own vegan burrito, Vegan Hot Dogs, I.P.R.C. bake sale + more!!

Old school street-game revival brings back all the hits- Hop Scotch, Kick the Can, Hide & Seek, Four Square, Jump Rope, etc!!!

Live DJ sets by *DJ-FlushAllTheAntiDepressantsAndLetsAllHoldHandsAndActOnOurSadnessAndAngerAtThoseBurningOurEarth*

This is an All Ages, Safer Space Event!!! No cover!!

Bring information for your local group if you want to be a part of the party! Or just bring your dancing shoes & some friends!!

Come Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Marin County Courthouse Revolt!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.laughinghorsebooks.com
phone: phone: (503)236-2893
address: address: 12 NE 10th Street, Portland, OR 97232

When? 06.Aug.2010 21:58


When is this?