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da visionary report: still room for creative intelligence and our commonalities

several anti-copyright visionary art(e) peices to share with a semi-short comment on the challenge of alienation, building fears around so-called Armageddon, and what we can do.
a spirit shares depth thought evolutionarily
a spirit shares depth thought evolutionarily
two channelers share their insights
two channelers share their insights
a ghost in a ghost car shares a way you may experiment with
a ghost in a ghost car shares a way you may experiment with
an orrior (not warrior) spells out hiz feelings about what 'armageddon' may mean
an orrior (not warrior) spells out hiz feelings about what 'armageddon' may mean
Some still rather rough ideas I thought i'd share with you:

The social temperature appears to be going up, metaphorically. Alienation, Inc. turning their screws, so to speak. And our response? Masses to be mobilized "in The Only Ways Possible" of perpetual "tit for tat"? The next question: To be or not to be metaphorical soldiers driven to react topically to truths, which prove only to perpetuate bigger picture problems, or....giving ourselves varieties of permissions to think as the leaders, the officers, the generals, the planners think? So WHAT IF we give ourselves permission to respond more deeply? (But what does thinking deeper mean, you ask? Well, spend some time reflecting on the art(e), please!)

Thinking critically with our organic intuitive excellence: One: Armageddon and comments
Many believe "armageddon" is right around the corner and are fast becoming (i think) caught up in hysteria modes of rigidity. Which will be "easy pickings" for Fear,Inc. to mobilize towards the same old stupidity called "war at home" and so on and so forth. ..And while most of such believers of such rigid Fear are biblically-challenged, er, hyped-up perpetually by the leaders they blindly trust, many, i think, only go along with such programs for appearance sake.

Appearance sake???

Religiously speaking, i think most seem to buy into that because of the potential of community; where they don't have anything even nearly as meaningful, nor feel that they can make anything nearly as meaningful. So, they conform to such structures because then they'll get the proverbial carrot: some level of meaningful community. i really think this, but then again, i'm in my forties, so i tend to think along such lines. But the thing that i think we need to get around is the assumption that groups of rigid beliefs (like religion, and other authoritarian groups) will only ever and always be this monolithic other, that cannot be like us. i think that kind of feeling is giving away our power --too much!

So, with this in mind, how may we gather and launch the better bests of our intelligence?

SHOULD WE just continue to reproduce the same old tactics that our own leaders believe we "must" go with, no matter what?

Of course, some of us have got to break out of that mould! And some of us already have long been seeking such, it's just that we may feel too alone. (This feeling is really illusionary, people! Only mediation keeps us assuming we are alone!) Anyway, if you think about the art(e) here, and what it's sharing, there may be some food for thought for those of you who may realize the value.

So, what if we design tactics of creativity that take the fears of the religionists (and other strategically-challenged) into account? And promote evolutionary angles and bridging possibilities that have so far been not played around with in serious ways??

What might such look like?

Yes, attack must be responded to quickly, but at the expense of the best of our creative intelligence??

Finally, to label the more heavily strategically-challenged merely "right wing" (or other convenient labels) does not help solve the problem! i think such reduction only perpetuates and builds up worse problems! So how can we design our response so that we promote commonalities? Are there ways? At my blog, i've been exploring such possibilities in several directions. Perhaps you'd like to explore with me a little?

So this is a little food for thought. Keep up your indy consciousness, yet realize the value of designing our responses in ways that may build radical's radical bridges --even while you're radically responding to severe forms of alienation!

Hope you'll prioritize the time to think some of this through! And do come by my visionary blog and let yourself speak freely!

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