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Who is doing all this killing?

Who is killing all these people?
Not one single terrorist do I see in these picture!
There are hundreds of pictures and first hand stories from Afghanistan.
Most are stories of about innocent people dieing .... who is killing these kids ....?

The US military is directly responsible, the blood is on their hands.
But the whole (sic)US Government approves of it and allows it year after year after year.
Killing Children
Killing Children

I am fucking sick to my stomach about how this damn US military has killed thousands and thousands of innocent people.

Who is in fucking charge here?

This shit goes on ...and on ...... and on.....

Kill Kill kill !! (or severely mangled, injured and traumatized)

I am surprised we are not up to our ankles in blood and dead bodies "right here and right now"

The death our military brings disguised as peace/justice, is in the air everywhere, we are ruining humanity.

Yet here in the USA you could never tell this killing machine is on a rampage, its another nice sunny day in the rose garden.

As the military blatantly egotistically skips along with its morals in its ass ...and machine guns in its hands, bodies are dropping and they are tiny bodies ...they are little children

The USA is sure littering the globe with dead people!

...little children ..... dead!!

.... women...... dead!! moms and dads.... dead!.... teenagers....... DEAD!

Thousands...... and thousands ..... and thousands...... and more thousands .... all DEAD!

I have had enough but my government is still thirsty.... more will die .... many will be little kids, all will be innocent.

Facts and Pictures Here:  http://www.rawa.org/s-photos.htm

I wonder if anyone can stop these mad men who are doing this?

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id53.html

Concepts? ALWAYS killing the innocent? (innocense irrelevant) 04.Aug.2010 05:20

Mike Novack

This is NOT intended as a justification of the collateral killing of innocent civiilians. But there is a concept problem here.

No "military" in its ordinary functions is killing "the guilty". When engaged in an ordinary war the enemy soldiers aren't "guilty" of anything. They are just "the enemy". Innocent, just on the other side.

Now this might be a good reason for you to oppose the "military". But arguing that the military is killing innocents instead of the guilty isn't. Militaries aren't enforcers of justice, just comparative might.

Innocent 'civilians' dead - to many to count 04.Aug.2010 12:05

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

The (US) military is killing "innocent" civilians period.

That is what enrages me.

The 'fighting the bad guys (the enemy) and words like 'innocent' get diluted.
Just following orders to kill the ones trying to kill you.
(kind of like a game with 2 sides)
The problem here is, many that are not "playing the game" are getting slaughtered.

All at the same time "we claim we (US) are helping these people" ???? (and justly killing bad guys)

They call it collateral damage, or some other soft spin buzz-word. (collateral damage = innocent women, children, teenagers, elders, and non military men) ----- (collatral damage MY ASSS)

I call it insane bloody psychotic murder/war crimes.

I contest that we are even "at war"
....we are on a killing spree, thousands are dead if not millions and very few are "military" ...there is not even a logical justifiable (acceptable) reason for all these injured and dead innocents. They don't need to give a reason other than "we are getting the terrorist."

(HOW or WHY can they do this?) because "no one can stop them anyway" ...

(who's in charge here?)

Ive slept on this, only to awake the next day still enraged!

Hey soldier "with your DRONES and M16's Stop The Killing Now!
Hey Congress "your fired, all of you!"
Hey president "blood of innocent civilians is all over your hands, you are an imperialist monster"
Hey soldiers - "your murdering children, your torturing innocent civilians, you have lost your ethic and morals"
Hey military leaders "your committing war crimes, your leading humanity into hell, you are responsible for these dead children"


<<pic 2>> They are my nieces and nephews, their father was killed in the US bombardment, their mother is seriously wounded and she lost her both eyes and right now she is hospitalized. Many other members of their family were killed and they have nobody to take care of them so now they are with me in the hospital. All of them are wounded." >>

A child wounded in Jalalabad due to US bombardment of residential areas.
A child wounded in Jalalabad due to US bombardment of residential areas.
family / non military
family / non military
14-years old boy from Agam district in Jalalabad, a victim of the US bombs in Ja
14-years old boy from Agam district in Jalalabad, a victim of the US bombs in Ja

Human Rights Watch article from 2009 "Child Burned by White Phosphorus" 04.Aug.2010 12:29


Afghanistan: NATO Should 'Come Clean' on White Phosphorus

Release Report on Attack in Which Child Burned

White phosphorus causes horrendous burns and should not be used in civilian areas," said Marc Garlasco, senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch. "NATO should immediately make public the results of its investigation into this incident."

The girl's family brought her to the US military base in Bagram on March 14 for medical treatment for severe burns. US military doctors say they found white phosphorus on her face and neck. The incident took place in Alahsay district in eastern Kapisa Province, where there had been a series of fierce firefights in March involving NATO forces and insurgent groups.

NATO officials have said that according to their records, no rounds were found to have landed near the house, though have not denied using white phosphorus during this engagement. They have suggested that the Taliban may have fired the rounds, but have not provided any evidence for their claim. Today the International Security Assistance Force released information on four isolated incidents dated between December 2007 and May 2009 where they say insurgents used white phosphorus munitions.

Under international humanitarian law, chemicals such as white phosphorus can legitimately be used as "obscurants" to hide military operations and, in certain circumstances, as a weapon. However, white phosphorus munitions have a significant incendiary effect that can severely burn people and set alight fields, buildings, and other civilian objects in the vicinity. Human Rights Watch believes that the use of white phosphorus munitions in densely populated areas violates the requirement under international humanitarian law to take all feasible precautions to avoid civilian injury and loss of life.

The spokesman for the commander of NATO and US troops in Afghanistan, Brig. Gen. Richard Blanchette, confirmed that white phosphorus munitions are used in Afghanistan. He told Human Rights Watch: "We do not target personnel with white phosphorus, which is a conventional weapon in the arsenals of many nations, generally used for screening, marking, and illumination."

"NATO has not denied using white phosphorus during the Kapisa incident, nor have they provided evidence that the insurgents fired these rounds," said Garlasco. "NATO and US forces need to reassure the people of Afghanistan, already alarmed by high civilian casualties, that these munitions are not being used unlawfully."

Released by Human Rights Watch on May 8, 2009


((picture text))
8-year-old Razia from Kapisa province who was burned when a shell her father says was fired by Western troops exploded into their house, enveloping her head and neck in a blazing chemical. Now she spends her days in a U.S. hospital bed at the Bagram airbase.
"The kids called out to me that I was burning but the explosion was so strong that for a moment I was deaf and couldn't hear anything," her father, Aziz Rahman, told Reuters (May 8, 2009).
8yrs old
8yrs old

Civilian Dead do not exist for a (likely) War criminal "Bombs Away" 04.Aug.2010 13:14

Ben Waiting (repost)

A report on how HRW works in concert with the military to whitewash the killings of civilians. The report describes the "30 Rule" where under 30 Afganistan civilians are not respected as valued humans and are OK to kill in the military operation and they are not even required justify, and HRW spokesperson thinks this acceptable in war times.

This "Civilians Dead do not exisit" is an informative quick article to read that has references.

Link to pdf file:
screenshot from the pdf file page  #1
screenshot from the pdf file page #1
screenshot from the pdf file page #2
screenshot from the pdf file page #2
download original 5pg. pdf file here
download original 5pg. pdf file here