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"Elliott 27" Sentenced After Forest Road Blockade Last Summer

Roseburg, Oregon 02 August 2010 - After over one year of pre-trial probation, the activists involved in the July 6-9, 2009 road blockade in the Elliott State Forest have finally faced sentencing. Twenty two of the twenty seven activists arrested plead "no contest," and were found guilty of Criminal Trespassing of the second degree, a class "C" misdemeanor.

Five of the twenty seven activists chose a jury trial over group litigation and had the charges dropped by the Douglas County District Attorney's office before trial. The remaining twenty two were divided into three equal groups and seen by three separate judges.

Restitution originally sought by law enforcement and the ODF totaled to more than $100,000 and included costs for catered lunch, transportation, and hotel rooms for the fifty nine law enforcement officers which included members of the National Guard, the Oregon State Police, and the Douglas County Sheriffs office. Most of these claims were found to be unlawful.
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