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Manifest the North American Squirrel Trail

The Next Evolution for Humanity is Embracing the Nature of our Planet
At one time before my memory and probably yours, it is said that a squirrel could travel from one side of "North America" to the other tree to tree, never touching the ground except to drink water perhaps. The reality of this is that there were no highways to cross endangering one's life, no turnarounds and fences that diverted one from their intent and path and no pollution to consider as dangerous where one harvested food and drank water. Whereas new things are built, houseless people are not given them. Empty structures abandoned or guarded for their imagined monetary value sit useless, making the irony in building new things painful. Roads enough to go between the Moon and Earth more than 17 times, half of them in our national forests at the cost of leeching toxic chemicals into the ground and water, most of them now sitting unused.
The age of building roads, fences, pavement, buildings is exhausted of value. Bring back the north american squirrel trail.